Your Storm Water Drainage Solutions

You hear about storm water but what exactly is the definition? Storm water is rain runoff that flows from our housing or building sites. It includes the water caught by the building’s roof gutters, downpipes and drains as well as the water that flows from the land down into the town’s main gutter system.

To help prevent flooding during storms and heavy rain, storm water pits are used to collect the excess water. They are large containers that can hold high volumes of water runoff and slowly discharge it through a series of connected storm drainage pipes.

Rain water collects all sorts of things from the various surfaces it runs over, including organic matter like leaves, soil and fertilisers, and any residues from concrete areas like oils. These contaminants can pollute the waterways they are discharged into and can also create damage closer to home by blocking your storm water drains and pipes. As with storm water pipes, storm water drainage pits are also prone to becoming blocked by debris.

If you have a storm water problem, certain issues will become noticeable during heavy rain. If you see any problems at your property such as overflowing gutters, blocked downpipes or flooding, it is time to call in the drain specialists.

What to Do with a Blocked Storm Water Drainage System

Unfortunately, the majority of new houses built in the last few years are likely to have had their sewer and storm water drainage pipes laid with 90mm diameter pipes, a change from the usual 100mm.

This means that they are more susceptible to blockages, and it is commonly observed that many systems have not been laid in compliance with regulations, resulting in even more issues. The smaller diameter also means it can be more difficult to clear blocked debris. However, the experienced and skilled team at The Drain Man will be able to keep your storm water flowing well. They have all the equipment and the expertise to help fix your storm drainage problems.

Firstly, a drain specialist will discuss your issue with you in detail when you first call them. This will quickly help to figure out the possible causes of your blockage or flooding. When onsite, the situation is thoroughly surveyed and the best way to proceed is decided.

A specialised CCTV drain inspection camera will be fed into the pipes to inspect the blockage and a high-pressure water jet or a drain clearing machine will unblock the drain.

The camera is used again to confirm that the blockage has been successfully cleared and will assess the pipes for any cracks or broken areas.

If there is obvious damage to your pipes, different options will be given to you to have them repaired or possibly relined.

Stop Storm Water Drainage Issues Happening Again

There are some pretty simple steps you can take around your property to help reduce blockages in your storm water pipes:

●       Clean up any debris that can be washed into storm water drains, like fallen leaves and lawn clippings.

●       Avoid using pesticides, fertilisers and other chemicals in your garden.

●       Don’t put paints or chemicals down the drain – use recycling centres to dispose of them safely.

●       Clean up after your pet so poo goes in the bin.

●       Wash your car on the lawn, or at a commercial car wash to prevent soaps entering storm water drains.

●       Contain any soil and gravel to your property to stop it from washing away.

●       Keep septic systems well maintained to prevent leaks.

These measures will also help minimise any nasty pollutants entering our waterways and oceans.

Can You Reline Storm Water Drainage Pipes?

If your storm water drainage system has seen better days, don’t worry yet because if they are still in reasonable condition, relining your existing pipes may be a good option for you.

A special liner coated with resin is cut to the correct size and manipulated into your existing pipes through specific entry points. Once the liner is in the correct place it is inflated and left to cure. Once cured, the liner is as strong as a new pipe, if not stronger.

The Drain Main offers a lifetime warranty on their pipe relining, so it is a highly recommended solution to keep your storm water drainage system working well. With no digging necessary to install the lining, there will be no disruption to your gardens or paths.

Speak to the friendly team at The Drain Man about your storm water drainage solutions today by calling or enquiring online. They will have your drain problems sorted out in no time.

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