Step by Step Guide: Roofing Installation Service in Elizabeth NJ

Living in Elizabeth, NJ, you get a lot of extreme weather, and eventually, you’ll need your roof replaced. Having a new roof installed is a complex job that should only be done by professionals. While it is possible that you can do it yourself, it’s not advisable. Having a professional roofing installation service in Elizabeth, NJ install your roof means they will do it quickly and efficiently, and you’ll know it’s done right.

The process of installing a new roof is a complicated one, and it can take anywhere from one day to several weeks, depending on the size of the job. Visit us on the web at

A professional roof service company in Elizabeth, NJ, will first inspect your roof to determine its condition and what repairs need to be made. If you have been experiencing any leaks or other problems with your roof, We will address these issues before any new shingles are installed.

Once the initial inspection is completed, the installation process can begin. This usually involves removing existing shingles from your roof and installing new ones with nails or screws. We will then secure the new shingles in place with staples or other fasteners. Finally, any vents and chimneys inspected earlier should be rechecked before repairs are made.

It is important to note that this process can vary depending on where you live and what kind of roofing material was used originally; however, most professionals agree that it takes at least two days for all of these steps to be completed.

Choose A Roofing Contractor

Before you can even start replacing your roof, you need to choose a roofing installation service professional. It’s the first and most crucial step in this guide and one that you should take seriously. The person you hire to replace your roof in Elizabeth, NJ, needs to have experience and know how to replace your roof correctly so it can handle the harsh winters we get in Elizabeth, NJ.

To choose the exemplary roof installation service, you need to do some research such as:

  • Be licensed and insured

Some roofing contractors aren’t licensed or insured, which is a big red flag. First, it may mean they don’t have to know how to do the work properly. They may not understand all of the laws regarding rooftop installation or know the latest processes. And as a result, your roof may not meet minimum standards, and it may also void any warranty on the roofing materials.

Also, if the roofing installation service contractor isn’t insured, it could put you and your home at risk. If a company doesn’t have worker’s compensation or liability insurance, you may be responsible for any injuries or damage on your property.

  • Has good reviews

Before hiring a contractor, you want to read their reviews. They should come highly recommended and have a few negative comments; however, if they do, read them before jumping to conclusions. You can’t please everyone.

  • Explains things thoroughly

Having a new roof put on can be a long and confusing process, and you need to know all that it entails. A good contractor can guide you through this process and answer any questions you may have clearly and concisely. A company that values good communication can make all the difference.

Choose the Right Roofing Materials

In addition to choosing a good roofing installation service in Elizabeth, you want to make sure you go with the suitable materials. There are many different roof types to choose from that work great with the weather in Elizabeth, NJ.

Here are some of the most common roofing materials:

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Wood shakes
  • Metal
  • Slate
  • Composition slate
  • Tile

Remove the Old Roof and Make Any Necessary Repairs.

During this step, the service installation professionals will remove your old roof and make any necessary repairs. This step is dangerous, and you’ll notice that the removal team is wearing safety belts and ropes to prevent any falls.

Install Underlayment and New Roof

Once the old roof is removed and any needed repairs are made, they will now get the roof ready. They do this by installing a drip edge. This is a non-corrosive metal placed around the edges of the roof and prevents water from getting under the edges of the roof.

They will then install the underlayment, which is a water-resistant or waterproof material that’s placed between wood decking and roofing materials. This prevents any water from getting in between the shingles.

Install The New Roof

This is when the roofing installation service professionals will put on your new roof. The amount of time this takes varies by the type of roofing material you choose. Typically, installing a new roof can take between 2-7 days.

Need a New Roof Installed?

If you live in Elizabeth, NJ, and are looking to install a new roof, we are the best choice for your needs. We offer many roofing services, including residential roofs for all makes and models.