Is it Possible to Have a Yacht Wedding in Miami FL?

If you’ve recently gotten engaged and are in the process of deciding where to have your wedding, you might want to consider a yacht wedding in Miami. Yacht weddings are becoming more popular as people discover this unique way to celebrate either love. Finding a wedding venue can be hard at times, but a yacht wedding in Miami is a unique, fun, and special way to get married to your partner. Let’s look into some pricing and information to see if having a yacht wedding is for you. For more resources, please visit

What Is A Yacht Wedding?

A yacht wedding in Miami is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of a typical venue being booked for your wedding, you’ll instead rent a yacht for the wedding. This is a unique and fun venue to choose for your wedding. You may also get awesome amenities with your yacht rental such as a dancefloor, TV access, or food service. There’s also plenty of activities to do after the reception. There are many ways to celebrate with your friends and family on a yacht such as water sports, games, food, beverages, and island floating. A yacht wedding in Miami has many opportunities to be a fun and unique experience for everyone.

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Yacht Wedding In Miami?

The main question that many couples have when considering a yacht wedding in Miami is how much it costs. Weddings in general can cost a pretty penny, so we wouldn’t expect a yacht wedding to be any less. However, determining a specific cost is dependent on a lot of different factors. For example, the amount of time you rent it for, the activities and amenities available, and how many guests can all factor  into the pricing.

On average for a yacht wedding in Miami for a four hour rental it can be between $2,000 and $5,000. This doesn’t include fees and again, it’s for four hours, however additional hours can be purchased for about $1,000 an hour. These yachts can accommodate about 150 people depending on the yacht. Pricing may also vary depending on add ons or amenities that you may want too. Some yachts also come with beverages and food included in this price, so this may save you money in the long run.

The Benefits Of Having A Yacht Wedding

A wedding is one of the biggest events of one’s life. Choosing where to have your wedding is an important aspect and yacht weddings are starting to become a regular choice. Yacht weddings have a lot of benefits to them, so let’s see if it’s worth it for you to have a yacht wedding in Miami, FL.

Unique Experience

One of the main reasons that people have a yacht wedding is because of the unique experience. Couples who want something nontraditional or just different from your regular wedding will typically choose a yacht wedding in Miami. Not many people attend yacht weddings and therefore it will be a fun experience for everyone involved, not just the couple. Having a yacht wedding is sure to be remembered by everyone.

Activities and Amenities

Yachts that allow weddings typically have wedding packages which include different amenities. The yachts also usually have available activities themselves too like pools, water skiing, or snorkeling. Food and drinks may also be provided depending on the wedding package. This will save money overall because the couple wouldn’t be paying for these services separately. This also ensures that you can have fun after your wedding without having to change locations.

Save Money

Renting out a yacht that has many amenities is actually a more affordable option than booking a venue, separate service, food, beverages, and activities. It also is less stress on the couple to not have to schedule and book all of these amenities and instead have them included in a full price.

Control Number Of Guests

If you’re worried about the number of guests and want to make sure that it is a more intimate setting, then renting a yacht for your wedding is the option for you. Typically yachts have a guest limit that average at about 150 guests. This controls the amount of people, plus once everyone is one the boat, then nobody else can just pop in.

Can I Have A Yacht Wedding?

If you want a unique, beautiful wedding with amazing views, activities, and amenities then you should have a yacht wedding in Miami, FL. Budgeting for a yacht wedding is super easy and many places also have payment plans. Booking a yacht wedding in Miami is exciting and should be enjoyed with close friends and family. The benefits of this wedding type are endless. Overall, yacht weddings can be a great choice for anyone getting married and on a budget for a unique wedding experience.  If you’re in the process of finding a wedding location then consider a yacht wedding in Miami.