Handy Discusses Choosing Paint Colors to Turn Your House into Your Home

According to Handy, selecting the right colors for your home interior is always a tricky job since a single mistake or incongruency with the overall color scheme can ruin the whole vibe of the room. Most people research color theory and look at a color wheel to quickly generate appealing color schemes for their houses. And, while that can work, it is important to consider some other factors to truly make your house feel like your home.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips you can follow to choose paint colors for your house:

1. Choose the colors according to the vibe you want in the room – Every color can be associated with a certain vibe and mood that can help you to design a specific ambiance in the space. That’s why it is important to consider the psychology of color before selecting your options, especially since it can have a huge emotional impact on your mood as well.

Generally, it is recommended you use warm tones for high-energy areas and cool tones for spaces that you reserve for relaxation and unwinding at the end of the day.

2. Select your favorite colors – It is always a good idea to design the color scheme of the interiors of your house based on your favorite colors since you have a personal connection to certain colors. There are thousands of different color shades to choose from and it can be hard to find an exact match of the color you have in your mind.

However, you can browse social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram to find suitable color combinations that incorporate your favorite colors and also match the vibe or mood of the setting.

3. Consider suitable color schemes for different rooms – Oftentimes, it can be a good idea to consider the tried and tested color schemes for different rooms based on their functionality.

Let’s take a look at the most popular color combinations according to the functionality of the room:

  • Living room – Most homeowners entertain guests in living rooms and also spend a significant portion of their time with their family in it. Thus, neutral or earthy shades such as emerald-green, French vanilla, and aqua mint are suitable for living rooms.
  • Bedroom – The bedroom is a place to relax and relieve your stress. Thus, the best colors for the bedroom include cooler colors such as deep blue, soft green, soft gray, and lavender.
  • Dining room – The dining room needs to exude a cozy and warm vibe. Thus, energetic colors such as red and yellow are more suitable for dining rooms.
  • Kitchen – The ideal colors for the kitchen include yellow, green, gray, and white.
  • Bathroom – For the bathroom, cooler tones such as creamy white, green, and blue are the most appropriate.


Handy suggests you sample any paint color before you paint your walls to avoid any costly and time-consuming mistakes. If you are still not sure about the perfect colors for your home, we recommend you hire the services of a color consultant to create a custom-designed color palette for your home that will remind you of your favorite memories or create the correct vibe.