Creative Ideas for Your New Paver Walkway


Homeowners spend a lot of time and money on their landscape. The same should be reserved for walkways. You can search for “paving companies near me” and hire pros to build a paver walkway for you. However, before that, it’s important to decide on a good style for your paver walkway. Let’s check them out.

The Ideas

1. Slate paver path – There are very few ways you can go wrong with slate pavers. Pavers made from slate are available in a bunch of earthy tones and create a beautiful contrast with the deep or bright green of your yard. You can choose slate pavers with different earthy tones to create an extravagant pattern that extends through the walkway.

Slate is also known for its longevity and would last longer to justify its higher price. Even if one of the pacers is broken, it’s easy to repair and can be done without the help of professionals. You can build a nice slate paver path at around $10 per square foot.  

2. Infinite herringbone brick walkway – A herringbone patterned walkway made from brick pavers is always an interesting choice for your lush and full garden. If you want to pave a long path, herringbone is the perfect pattern to accentuate the natural beauty of the overall landscape.

Moreover, you don’t need to be limited to brick pavers for this kind of path. You can also choose concrete pavers or different types of stone pavers that are cut into uniform rectangles. However, brick pavers may be the most cost-effective choice. Brick creates a warm texture and helps to balance out the colors of your garden. You can make a herringbone brick walkway for as low as $3 per square foot. For stone pavers and other kinds of paving materials, the cost may shoot over $10 per square foot. 

3. Strategically designed flagstone walkway – Imagine a layer of river rocks topped with strategically placed flagstone slabs. This creates an impressive walkway for the backyard, especially if you have an Asian-styled landscape. This kind of walkway is DIY friendly and allows you to create guided paths with just leftover materials from other projects.

Flagstones can vary drastically. Depending on the type, they also boast varying characteristics. Choose one that assimilates with the overall aesthetics of your landscape or garden. You don’t need to be limited by flagstones either. You can also use weathered boards of teakwood. It blends in with the garden aesthetic and also provides you with a practical choice for using those materials. 

4. Exquisite flagstone path – There’s no reason to limit the walkway with large rectangular flagstones. You can harness the power of flagstones in a different way. Flagstones come in different shapes and sizes. Choose a few irregularly shaped and sized flagstones with a layer of bright sedimentary rocks underneath them.

If the flagstones have a dark hue, choose bright white sedimentary stones for the base layer and black sedimentary stones for light earthy-toned flagstones. You can take this vibrant combination to another level by surrounding the skirts of the walkway with sedimentary stones of an opposite color.

5. Circular steps on gravel walkway – A gravel walkway never disappoints. You can top them up with all kinds of pavers. However, most of those combinations are common. If you are adventurous enough for a funky design, you can choose large circular paving steps to top the gravel layer. While this combination is very rare, it creates a bubbly ambiance for the outdoor living space. 

Make sure to choose circular steps made from concrete or flagstones. That way you don’t have to compromise with strength. The highly irregular circular steps create a sense of uniformity and order even if you have the most chaotic landscape in the neighborhood.

6. Minimalist concrete walkway – Concrete pavers have been getting more common on driveways and walkways due to their obvious advantages. It has way more pros than cons and has a lower cost of long-term ownership when compared to other types of paver walkways. One of its most significant advantages is strength and durability. It is almost impossible to damage when it’s only going to handle light foot traffic in your outdoor living space.

It’s also stain resistant and easy to maintain. You can build yourself a concrete walkway by spending around $6 to $8 per square foot for most types of designs. That’s not all. The flexibility of concrete pavers allows you to bring down that cost even further with a minimalist and simple walkway design. You can make the walkways simple yet artistic by choosing to make a winding path and tall skirts.

7. Cobblestone pavers – When you visit Europe, you notice a few things. Rich history, amazing public transport, walkable and more livable cities, and iconic streets paved with cobblestones. You can bring the same vintage element of European streets by building a walkway with cobblestone pavers. Cobblestones are highly durable and that’s why they are able to stand the test of time on century-old or millennium-old streets. However, they are not cheap. You’ll spend over $15 per square foot paving a walkway with cobblestones.

8. Marble and granite walkways – Both marble and granite are exquisite materials and cost a pretty penny. That’s why they are reserved for more notable features of your home. However, if you don’t mind spending more than $20 per square foot on your walkway, you can build a luxurious walkway made from marble and granite pavers. Apart from strength, longevity, stain resistance, and easy maintenance, a walkway made from these pavers cost quite a lot more than the rest since they also require a more complicated installation process. 


We Stand Among the Most Trusted Paving Companies Summerville SC People Prefer. Paver walkways are strong and resilient and can stand up to a lot of abuse. You have a lot of freedom in choosing the colors and textures due to the modularity it provides. After you’re done selecting the style for your paver walkway, you can hire pros to build it for you by searching for “paving companies near me”.