When is the Right Time to Repair Your Sash Windows

Best time to get windows repaired

Windows need replacement at any time of the year. But when is it more convenient to eliminate deficiencies and restore damaged elements of your glass unit? Each season has its own advantages, but in some cases, conditions don’t allow additional glazing and reinforcement of insulation.

Specialists at Scott James Sash Windows Specialist  will help you determine the best conditions for the restoration of your windows – frame, structure, or glass only. In order not to waste your time and money on a complete replacement of your glass unit, you just need to identify the existing shortcomings and perform timber windows restoration.


It seems that it is not worth doing restoration in the cold season. At this time, the demand for such repair work is falling, so specialists will replace a part of your glass unit much faster. It is possible to get discounts and other benefits that are not so relevant for warmer months. At this time, these works are the most frequent:

  •  installation of additional glazing;
  •  strengthening of insulation;
  •  installation of protection against drafts.

Timely repairs of damaged parts will help you improve the energy efficiency of your home and make your room temperature more comfortable throughout the winter. 


During the warmer months, the demand for sash renovation increases significantly. The air temperature becomes more comfortable, but the waiting for specialists may take longer. In warm areas, where you need to turn on the air conditioning in hot weather, utility bills increase dramatically. To reduce them, you need to strengthen the insulation, and hot air will come inside less.


Refurbishment of windows in the summer will help neutralize the UV rays that enter your house. Installation of additional glazing with low-emission glasses will be perfect for this. They keep the warmth in the winter and keep the rooms cool in the summer. Your room will not heat up from constant exposure to sunlight, and you will be more comfortable at home.

In warmer months, it is much easier to improve the sealing – the material holds much better, making the installation of double or triple glazing faster.


In the fall, repairs are also possible, without any issues. When the winter cold hasn’t arrived yet, and the hot season has already ended, specialists will easily repair your double-glazed window. The main demand for such works will fall, so the time of waiting for specialists will be significantly reduced compared to the summer period.

If cool air penetrates into neighboring rooms during restoration work, the specialists will be able to close part of the room so as not to cool the house completely. This will help to save you from possible inconveniences and to quickly restore the damaged part of your frame, sash or glass.