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What You Need To Know About Landslides in Your Area

Depending on where you live, you no doubt have a safety plan for various natural disasters. While many people are prepared for hurricanes and tornados, protecting yourself and your family in the midst of a landslide is less straightforward. Consider a few questions that may help you understand how to prevent these occurrences and how landslide repairs Union City CA can help.

What Are the Dangers of Landslides?

The most immediate threat posed by landslides is the fact that they can physically trap and harm people. Landslides often occur rapidly, meaning nearby residents have little time to evacuate. When large amounts of dirt, water, and debris are involved, pedestrians and drivers may have difficulty holding their ground.

There are also a number of indirect risks associated with landslides. For one, the materials that are washed away may inhibit travel, making it difficult for first responders and others to move about. Additionally, landslides can damage necessary resources, such as gas and water lines.

What Causes Landslides?

In general, landslides occur when the dirt and rock along an incline are compromised by water. Thus, these natural disasters frequently take place after a period of intense rainfall. In addition, landslides are more likely to come about when a sloped area is made less stable by factors such as wildfires, streams, and removal of ground plants.

What Can Be Done About Landslides?

To prevent landslides, it is essential that people avoid harming the structural integrity of sloped areas. This means that water drainage must be handled carefully in urban locations and structurally important plants must not be removed. Many companies also offer landslide repair services that can help restore slopes and decrease the risk of future landslides.

While no one hopes to ever experience a landslide, it’s important to have a plan in place should the worst happen. Make sure you have the information you need to respond to these natural disasters so you can avoid injury and property damage.