bathroom remodel

Updating Your Aging Bathroom Into Twenty-First Century Chic

Nothing looks worse than a rundown, outdated bathroom. This is especially true when the time comes that you want to sell your home. One look, and prospective buyers will head back out the door. That’s because they know that refurbishing the room into something they can be proud of is going to cost a lot of money. A bathroom remodel is probably the most expensive project a homeowner can tackle, and no one is going to buy a home with this costly remodel hanging over their head. True, it will also cost you a chunk of change to repair the damage the years have done to the space, but you’ll find that the changes will pay off by significantly raising the value of your home.
If you’ve spent any time watching the home remodeling shows on TV, you already know some of the things that prospective buyers are looking for in a bathroom. They want a large enough space so that more than one person can comfortably get ready in there at the same time, a place that has updated fixtures, and a room that isn’t full of tacky, outdated tiles and wallpapers. They want something that adheres to the modern trends of what a great-looking bathroom should be like. In order to bring your own bath up to speed, you’ll need to keep these latest trends in mind.
If the room is very small, you may want to consider ways that you can expand it to suit the needs of modern buyers. Is there a closet that can be removed to add extra space to the room? You can also consider removing the bathtub and replacing it with a glass shower stall, adding mirrors and light to give the space you do have a visual lift, and lightening up the wall and floor colors. Even things that only give the illusion of more space will be a plus.
Colored bathroom fixtures, such as blue toilets and green bathtubs, went out with the ’70s; however, many baths still house just such monstrosities, because owners have been reluctant to spend the money it will take to update them. Twenty-first century buyers, however, aren’t going to be inspired to buy a property that still has them, though. First of all, just the sight will tell them how long it has been since the room was upgraded. Then, too, the modern eye will immediately reject them as passe, and they will give the person a negative feeling about the entire home.
Other changes that can alter the look of your bathroom making it appear more modern include:
* removing gaudy wallpapers
* painting walls with a lighter color
* having your bathtub resurfaced
* taking down outdated tiles
* replacing the tile surfaces with stone
* adding double sinks
Although these activities will cost you time and money, you’ll find that all of your efforts will pay off handsomely when your home sells above asking price.