The Roof Overgrown with Mold and Mildew? Here are 3 Ways to Clean It

Functioning as an ‘umbrella’ that protects buildings from exposure to sunlight and rainwater, the roof of a house is vulnerable to being covered by mold and mildew. So that the part is not damaged and also maintained its beauty, it is necessary to do routine cleaning.

You can start cleaning the roof of your house from now on by fungi and mold. Besides cleaning, you can also check whether there are parts of the roof that are leaking or damaged.

Here are 3 ways to remove mold and mildew dirt on the roof of the house.

Brush the roof of the house with mold

The first way that can be taken when the roof of the house overgrown with mold and mildew is to clean the dirty part by brushing it using a floor brush.

You can start rubbing the part of the roof overgrown with mushrooms. That way, the moss will be lifted and the tile will be clean again.

To reach distant parts, you can use tricks to tie the brush with long wood or bamboo.

But don’t forget to keep the brush brushed in the direction from top to bottom. This is to avoid the house tile that is shifted due to brush movement.

Use cleaning fluid

If only using a brush, it is difficult to remove mold and mildew, you can try cleaning it using a roof cleaning liquid made of hydrogen peroxide and mixing it with warm water.

A mixture of liquid hydrogen peroxide and warm water can be used to make it easier when brushing the roof to clean the sticky mold.

So that there is no fungus or mold loss left behind, it is recommended that you spray water down so that all dirt falls and nothing is left behind, so the roof looks clean and the beauty of the building can survive.

Consider pressure washing

If the fungus and mildew cleaning liquid also does not want to disappear, consider using pressure washing. In this case, you can hire a professional pressure washing service, that is san Antonio pressure washing.

A pressure washing is a washing method using a water spray with a force of between 1200 psi to 2,000 psi to clean up moss, mold, mud, paint, dust and other impurities on the surface of the house. You can spray the tile downward until the mold and mildew are peeled clean.