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The Dos and Don’ts of Remodeling a Small Bathroom

When it comes time to remodel a small bathroom space, it can present a bit of a challenge. After all, modern bathrooms need to incorporate all of the necessary elements plus a great deal of style. Accomplishing this feat is going to take a great deal of planning, no matter if you plan to tackle the job yourself or call in a contractor. The ideal plan will result in a room that appears to be more spacious than it really is while keeping the functionality that the space is intended for. Here are some tips that will enable you to end up with your dream bathroom at a reasonable cost.
The necessity of planning ahead can’t be emphasized enough. You want to lay out everything on paper before you even try renovating the room. There are lots of magazines and websites that will provide you with ideas that you may want to add to your room plan. Since space is a major issue, you will need to do a lot of measuring, and drawing a plan on graph paper can offer you insights on what is going to fit and what’s totally too large.
In the too-large category, the major roadblock can be a bathtub. There’s no way to make a tub take up less space than it does. Not only does it have a large footprint, but the space above it really can’t be used for anything else. Therefore, one wise step in a small bath is to consider only having a shower stall. Do you ever really use your current bathtub, or do you just shower in it anyway? If you decide on a shower stall, think about purchasing one made of glass so that the room will appear larger and more light will be able to reflect through and off the surface.
Other ways you can conserve space in a small bathroom and make it appear larger include:
1. Make use of the space under the sink. Although a pedestal sink looks smaller, there is no place for storage underneath. A cabinet, with doors or without, will allow you to house towels and other bath essentials.
2. Add a medicine cabinet of some type instead of just a wall mirror.
3. Place shelves or a cabinet in the open space above the toilet.
4. Make room in the plan for a pocket door instead of one that opens into the space on hinges.
5. Good lighting is essential in making your room look as large as possible. Adding light to dark corners or strip lighting can give you a bright, open look.
6. Stick with light colors, and don’t even think about using patterned wallpaper. Dark colors and busy patterns visually close up a space and make it seem smaller.
As you can see, there are many ways to utilize the space afforded in a small bathroom remodel if you plan wisely and make use of every inch.