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Finding The Right Motion Sensor Faucet For Your Kitchen Or Bath

With all the new technology out there, you have probably noticed that some restaurants, stores and other places with public bathrooms have installed motion sensor faucets. Did you know you can actually get one of these in your own home? This technology is made so that you don’t have to touch dirty faucet handles or make them dirty with your hands.
It’s much more sanitary and it actually saves water. The sensor is usually located below the nozzle and you just wave your hands in front of it to start the flow of water. There are even conversion kits out there to turn a normal faucet into a motion sensor faucet. This is much different from the touch technology, which gives you the ability to bump the nozzle to start the flow of water.
The Benefits of a Faucet with Motion Technology
1. Cleanliness
Imagine you are cooking dinner and …