Sash windows restoration prices

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Timber Window?

Estimation of the cost of restoring wooden windows begins with examining their condition. If the wooden frame is damaged, the room is always cold, and energy efficiency is not great, you should think about timber windows restoration as soon as possible. At first glance, it may seem that you can repair the window and bring it back to its original form for yourself.

The specialists working at Scott James will be able to improve the condition of your windows much faster and better. The formation of the cost will depend on the amount of work required.

Are your timber window frames worth repairing?

Many houses have wooden double-glazed windows. Buildings of age of tens or hundreds years can have them. Such structures look very presentable, indicating good taste and high status of their owner. As a rule, natural wood windows last about 100 years, but if the rules for caring for them aren’t observed, the structure collapses much earlier.

The most pressing problems faced by the owners of such houses are as follows:

  •  rot on the wooden parts of the window;
  •  difficulties with opening;
  •  broken glass;
  •  decrease in energy efficiency;
  •  violation of sound insulation, etc.

If double glazing was installed originally, condensation accumulates between the panes over time. This is because of the damage to the sash section. It can be deformed, cracked or destroyed due to constant exposure to moisture. You just need to carry out sash windows renovation and replace the worn-out part of your window to perform its functions again.

Sashes become more difficult to open over time. Perhaps, you painted your window not so long ago, and there is a thick layer of paint between them and the frame. If it is not completely dry, and the window has been closed, reopening it will become a real problem. To eliminate this difficulty, you need to carefully remove the excess paint with a knife or contact a professional. They will check how the fittings are functioning and will clean all the areas that are not clean. They will also repaint it.

Will replacement windows increase your home’s value?

Beautiful windows affect the appearance of the building. If the facade is made in a certain style, the walls are neatly painted, and the territory adjacent to the house is well-groomed, then the flaws of the window will stand out. To avoid a decrease in the value of your house, you need to contact a specialist who will bring your glass unit back to its original form.

You can find out the average cost to repair a window after determining the work that needs to be done. The company’s website offers sash windows prices, which make it easy for you to guess how much it will cost you to restore a double-glazed window. Keep in mind that window renovations are valued in the long run. The restored glass unit will serve you for decades, retaining its functionality and attractive appearance.