My Son Broke a Dining Chair

I was frustrated when my son broke one of my dining chairs. He was goofing off, pretending he was a super hero, when the chair tipped over. I am beyond thankful that he was not hurt at all, but I wish that my chair would have had the same outcome. I knew that I was going to have to replace it soon, but I was not sure where to do that. I had bought the table and chairs at a sale, and the store was no longer in business. I knew my only recourse was to go online and look at some furniture stores that way since there were none in our town anymore.

I was hoping to find a chair that matched the others as closely as possible. I had no intention at all of looking at a new table and chairs combo, but that is what I ended up doing. I saw that there was a white table with four chairs, and I just really liked the picture of it so much. I knew that I was going to regret it, but I looked at some more information on it. The great thing is, there are no regrets at all!

That is because the chairs and table were extremely affordable. I loved the look of them, and I knew that they would look so much better than what I had been using at the time. I could have found a chair at this online furniture store just as easily, but I gave up that search as soon as I saw the Tretton table and chairs. I ended up getting them, and they were delivered to my front door within a short period of time. The new set looks gorgeous in my dining room, and my son has strict instructions to be a hero in the rest of the house!