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Metalwork as a Hobby: Easy Metalwork Projects You Can Do by Yourself

Metalwork is a growing profession. Despite many of its critical processes being handled by machines, metalwork is still something being done by thousands of people in the US. Some of these jobs include welding, cutting, and fabricating metal sheets into something artistic or functional for many industries. If you have seen some works of metalwork professionals, you might be quite envious of what they can do.

Besides supplying the steel needed for construction services, some of their works have some artistic value. Some metalwork includes creating jewelry, assembling chef knives, and artistic metal brackets. All of these products have artistic designs embedded within them. However, given the right equipment, you can do some metalwork yourself. Here are some easy metalwork projects that anybody can do in the comfort of their home.


One of the simplest metalwork you can do by yourself is creating homemade brackets. You can start doing wooden brackets as a start as the same fundamentals apply when making a steel bracket. Once you’re ready, you can make your way in creating your own personalized steel bracket.

To create your steel bracket, you’re going to need some tools to do it: a hammer, a scrap of angle iron, a ruler, a drill, and a saw. If you’re looking to create a heavy-duty bracket, you might have to replace your saw with a bandsaw. This is a heavy piece of equipment that requires some investment, but if you know someone that has it, feel free to use theirs.

You can start by measuring how big you want your bracket to be using a ruler or a tape measure. Then you can start segmenting the angle iron depending on the size. You can use your saw or a bandsaw for this. After which, you can then begin placing holes in each side using a drill. After this, you’re pretty much done! You’ve completed one of the easiest metalwork projects out there. These brackets can be used for your closets and cupboards, and they are pretty easy to make.

Barbecue Grill

A barbecue grill is one of the easiest projects you can do at home. It only requires a bit of experience in cutting and welding, and you don’t need to be a professional to do it. You’re going to need some tools to do this project, such as welding gear, a couple of gears, and various sheets of metal. We can’t explain the entire process here, but many guides on the internet can help you work this out and some YouTube videos that can show you the whole process from the beginning.

Coat rack

A coat rack is another easy project you can do at home that can benefit everyone. This requires some simple carpentry skills as you’re going to need to cut some wood, but the rest is simple metalwork.

To start your simple do-it-yourself coat rack, you can cut the wood you have to size. This depends on how many coats you want to hang on the rack. Next is to drill holes for the hooks, which is as simple as it sounds. The next part is to attach the hooks. You can actually do these hooks by yourself, and it doesn’t take too much time. After this process, you can then paint the entire thing and stick it behind a door or a wall somewhere. There you have it, your own personalized coat rack.

A Workbench

A personalized workbench could be the perfect item to build for your workshop at home. You’re going to need a couple of sheets of metal and a welding machine. To start, cut your sheets of metal with a bandsaw. This depends on the size of the workbench you want to have. You’ll also have to cut some longitudinally because they will serve as the stand for your workbench. After this, you can start welding each part together.

Start with the main body of your workbench and work your way down. After that, you can paint it or customize it your own way. You can add some woodwork into it if you’re familiar with some carpentry to give it that rustic look.

These are some metalwork projects you can do by yourself. If you’re new to DIY, you might be scared of doing these things at first, but eventually, once you’ve started in one of these projects, you’ll enjoy doing the rest. Before you know it, you’ll be building complicated metalwork items such as knives, jewelry, and such. So start practicing by doing some of these projects.