roof remodel

Getting a Quote for Roof Replacement

The first step in getting the roof repaired is getting a quote so that the total cost can be assessed. Getting a quote for roof replacement involves doing some homework. Knowing approximate prices on materials and what to expect during the process will make things go smoother and could help to save some cash.
Get More than One Quote
The general rule of thumb is to get three quotes from three different contractors. Getting more than three certainly will not hurt, but three gives customers a good idea of what the midline price it. This also provides a bargaining tool if the customer’s favorite contractor happens to be one of the more expensive ones. If a customer is getting more than three quotes, however, it is a good idea to keep this information to themselves because contractors may see more than three as too much competition. If they think their chances of getting the job are small, they are less likely to really fight for the job in the form of deals and such. Also, a customer should never pay for a quote. These are free services with reputable roofing companies. If a company is trying to charge for a quote, politely tell them, “no thank you.”
Does it Require a Full or Partial Replacement
If the customer knows that the roof is old, it is a good idea to just get the entire thing replaced. However, if the roof is not that old or just sustained some damage, talk to the contractor doing the quoting about a partial repair. If the area in need of repair is relatively small, this could save some major cash.
What to Know Before Requesting a Quote
Get an idea of what the supplies cost before even calling around to get quotes from contractors. This can be done by heading down to the local hardware store and simply looking at prices. Now, do not expect what the hardware store prices to perfectly match the contractor, but this will give customer’s an idea of what to expect from an honest contractor. This also allows customers to see which types of roofing are the most and the least expensive. Talk to an employee to get an idea of what types of roofing the house needs. For example, a roof with a low slope will require materials that are more pricey.