Essential Care Tips For Your Persian Carpet

Buying a Persian Carpet is likened to investing your hard-earned money in a priceless work of art. The first thing you need to know about buying a Persian Carpet is that there is slightly more to selecting your rug and any other carpet. You will need to consider the texture, size, and pattern which will be unique for your home.

If you are buying a Persian carpet as an investment piece for your home you need to know that certain carpet characteristics will increase the value of your carpet. There are a number of specialist sellers who deal only in artful carpets including Persian and Modern Rugs, you can view site here for a complete selection of products on offer.

Proper maintenance of your Persian rug need not be time-consuming or difficult. Here are our top tips for caring for your Persian Carpet:

Moisture and Sunlight

Persian Carpets are crafted from delicate natural dyes. When exposed to direct sunlight for extended times these dyes will fade and your carpet will quickly lose value. It is important to always place your carpet in an area where it will not be affected by direct sunlight. Similarly, placing your Persian rug to an area which is often wet, such as a bathroom or kitchen will damage your carpet.

Sweeping or Vacuuming

Persian carpets are surprisingly hardy. They can be placed in areas of high traffic and will cope quite well. You, however, need to be concerned about dust being walked into your carpet. Dust can be very damaging to the fibers of the rug. You need to make sure that you regularly vacuum your Persian carpet to avoid damage.

Beating with a carpet beater

Try not to make use of a carpet beater as it could damage the materials of the carpet. If there is an accumulation of loose dust rather shake the carpet out.


You need to make sure that extra care is taken when cleaning the carpet fringes. There are very delicate and can become tangles quickly.

Antique carpets

If you have been given an antique Persian carpet you need to know that the rug is very fragile. Try not to walk on the rug. To get the best of an antique rug, rather opt to hang it on a wall. Never dry-clean an antique carpet, it should only be vacuumed.


Do not attempt to wash your Persian carpet at home. If a carpet is not properly washed it could lead to irreparable damage. Rather opt to bring in a professional.

Dealing with stains

If something is spilled on your carpet you need to deal with it immediately. Use absorbent paper you should soak up as much of the liquid as possible. Then, using clean water and a sponge, lightly dob the carpet and leave to dry. Never make use of corrosive substances such as salt. If the stain is still there once the carpet has dried, phone a professional cleaner to help.