bathroom remodel

Doing a Bathroom Remodel on a Tight Budget

Major bathroom renovations can cost a lot of money, because a bathroom, by necessity, has to contain a number of expensive fixtures. Typical bathtubs, for example, can run from just under $300 up into the thousands, depending on the type you’re buying, and purchasing just a shower stall can set you back anywhere from $350 to $4,000. It’s no wonder that people tend to drag their feet when it comes time to update a seriously-rundown bath. There are some projects you can do to bring your bathroom into the 21st century, though, that aren’t going to cost you more than you want to spend.
Many times, a good cleaning and a coat of paint can work wonders. Start by removing everything you can from the room and cleaning everywhere. Even though you keep a clean house, you may be surprised by the amount of grime you find in areas you never really thought about before. Choose a new, brighter color with which to paint the room. You can buy a gallon of paint for $25 to $35 dollars, as well as some painter’s tape and a roll of plastic sheeting, and it will go a long way towards giving your bath a brand new look. You don’t want to select a dark paint color, since most bathrooms are quite small; however, there’s no need to stick to white, either. Choose a color that you enjoy and one which you’ll be able to find towels and other amenities to match.
Remove aging wallpaper. Most wallpaper patterns make a small space seem even smaller. Besides, home buyers are going to prefer a home that isn’t full of busy wallpapers if the time comes when you want to sell the home. Just taking down the paper, even though it may be a time-consuming task, will open the room up and make it seem more spacious. You also may want to remove aging, dated tile from walls and then opt to sand the walls smooth and paint them.
Once you’ve prepared the wall surfaces, either by sanding or by just cleaning them thoroughly, you’ll be ready to tape off all edges. It will be far easier to take the tape off later on than it will be to try and remove painted from unwanted areas. You also need to cover the tub, toilet, and sink with plastic or drop cloths so that you won’t spill any paint on them. Getting the room ready to paint can be tedious and time-consuming, but it’s a very necessary step if you want your paint job to look like a professional did it and save yourself from more work at the end of the project.
Once your new paint has dried, you’ll be ready to clean the room up again and add any new fixtures, such as faucets, decorative towels, or wall cabinets, that you’ve decided to purchase. Then step back and take a look, and you’re going to like what you see.