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Common Mistakes During a Bathroom Remodel Can Be Avoided With a Little Planning

Common mistakes during bathroom remodeling can be easily avoided with a little planning and forethought. Many people start their bathroom remodeling projects without stopping to think about what could possibly go wrong and planning accordingly. Here are 11 mistakes to avoid when you remodel your bathroom.
1. If you plan to make your project a DIY remodel, make sure you have the training necessary for everything you want to do. A full bathroom remodel will require skills in plumbing, tiling, flooring, and spacial planning, not to mention knowledge in carpentry and electricity. Many home improvement stores offer free classes to help your remodel go smoothly.
2. Remember to plan room for storage in your new bathroom. Many people forget to leave room for shelves and drawers. Overlooking this step will result in cluttered counters and forgotten towels.
3. New fixtures will be different sizes, so remember to measure your new fixtures carefully before purchasing them. You need to make sure that your new toilet will fit into the space provided and that there will be room to open the door and move around without hitting the new fixtures. There should be at least 35 inches between fixtures in your plans.
4. Plan for quality in your new fixtures. Going for the cheap fixtures may save you money, but the quality of the fixture may result in needing another remodel before you want it.
5. Get only quality materials. Make sure that the flooring and paint you have chosen are designed to be in the high humidity environment of your bathroom. The last thing you want is for your new paint to peel or your new flooring to let water through to the boards beneath
6. Budgeting is an important part of any bathroom remodel. Plan your budget to have plenty of wiggle room. You want to be able to afford the quality materials that you need to do your remodel right.
7. Your budget needs to have room for emergencies as well. Plan to discover an emergency mid-remodel. If you plan accordingly, finding mold or rotten floorboards won’t turn into a disaster you can’t afford to fix.
8. Don’t gut your entire bathroom at once. DIY remodels are best done one fixture at a time to prevent getting overwhelmed. Plan your remodel in logical sections.
9. Your bathroom will be out of order during the remodeling. Many people forget this fact, and don’t make alternative plans.
10. Have everything ready before you start your remodel. Make sure that all the new fixtures have been delivered, and all of your new materials are ready to be used. Having to wait for things to be delivered slows down remodeling times.
11. Don’t change your mind in the middle of your remodeling project. Abruptly deciding that you want a different fixture or a different color of paint will bring your project to a halt, and many places will not accept returns on items that have already been installed.