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I had been contacted by my FWB’s “girlfriend, ” telling me personally because he kept cheating on her with me that it was over between them. I’d no clue he had been in a relationship and seeking straight back I am confused because often we might see one another a few evenings per week if not invest a whole week-end together. Just How could he have time to stay a relationship that is genuine? She stated they attempted to ‘make it work’ despite the event but now their 2 12 months relationship is finished. FWIW I have been included with him for pretty much one year myself, which she demonstrably doesn’t understand.

We confronted him about this- he had been completely blase and reported which he knew she had more powerful feelings for him, than he did on her behalf, which he ended up being maybe not her boyfriend, but that she ended up being their other FWB. When I asked him if he had been likely to continue steadily to see her, he stated I do not understand- wtf!

I am therefore confused. We agreed to a sexual, but casual relationship that was explicitly not exclusive with me he was pretty straight forward. The like one hand I do not feel wronged- having said that, We have a difficult time dismissing this female’s claim, though there isn’t any means for me to confirm or disprove it. In ways it is simply as bad to cheat in your gf since it is to string along someone you realize has serious emotions for your needs.

So now personally i think really suspicious and that I cannot trust exactly what he states. I will be not able to get together again the likelihood as a person that he has had a girlfriend this whole time with my perception of him. Him, he did not seem nervous or uncomfortable– in other words he didn’t act like he’d been caught when I confronted.

I’m not sure whom to trust. I would even be friends with, never mind the benefits if she was truly his girlfriend, this is not a person! Then which is a new situation. When they were fwb and she dropped for him.

Should i recently drop him? Will there be any method to get in the truth?

Yes, drop him. This person will not know or care to know from the comfort of wrong. Want it’s extremely incorrect to cheat for a gf whom really really loves you really and could be harmed when you’re cheated on.

Do not ever trust any such thing this guy says. Wow. Your gut is suggesting the right thing to do. Unlike this person, you aren’t a bad individual. You might be positively right. This guy will be super shitty.

Constantly tune in to your instincts. You’re feeling like he is shady, then do not spend time persuading your self otherwise. No penis is well worth self-deception.

Find a significantly better man to FWB with. You will find lots of these that don’t mind being ethical in terms of intercourse and others that are hurting. Published by discopolo at 6:05 PM on 18, 2013 favorites january

You could test thinking him. It does sounds for me like “GF” tried to update a FWB situation, nevertheless the emotions were not shared.

And that, rather than making clear to her that he had been seeing and sleeping along with other individuals per their comprehension of the connection, he led her to trust they had been exclusive or in the extremely least knowingly allowed her to genuinely believe that was the truth.

If she was not crazy, why would she deliver you that e-mail?

Because she believed that she possessed a boyfriend who was simply over repeatedly cheating on her behalf and who’d evidently perhaps not respected her desires that their relationship be exclusive or communicated to her he had not been going to respect those desires.

Getting your significant other cheat for you has a tendency to little make people a angry. So when individuals are only a little aggravated, they have a tendency to express and do things which are a bit more assertive than they might state or do in circumstances where they are not very furious.

Invest the your FWB’s term, their gf is understandably upset along with your FWB is obviously perhaps perhaps perhaps not the type whom respects other folks’s desires or feelings. Published by the planet known at 6:14 PM on January 18, 2013 12 favorites

That email if she wasn’t crazy, why would she send you?

It really is pretty misogynistic to just phone a woman “crazy” for having emotions and expressing them via e-mail. It’s not like she turned up at their apartment while poster and and dude were hooking up and screaming.

All of us are acquainted with the specific situation of the guys who lie to and mislead partners that are sexual compunction. They seldom behave like they are caught. In reality, they will swear that your ex is “crazy” or “bitches be crazy. “

This guy has taken stuff that is bad your lifetime. Safeguard yourself by closing it with him and finding a far more ethical situation. Published by discopolo at 6:17 PM on January 18, 2013 39 favorites

Think him. We hate the “crazy girl” trope, but delivering you a facebook message is a fairly crazy move ahead her component.

You have been hanging and sleeping down with this particular man for a while. That do you imagine – him or a total complete stranger? Published by ablazingsaddle at 6:19 PM on 18, 2013 6 favorites january

I became contacted by my FWB’s “girlfriend, ” telling me personally because he kept cheating on her with me that it was over between them.

So now personally i think extremely dubious and that we cannot trust exactly what he claims.

Feels like the “girlfriend” scored her point.

That knows exactly exactly what the precise details are, but think about this: why had been she attempting to contact now instead of some early in the day time, if they had been attempting to figure things out? Published by Brandon Blatcher at 6:23 PM on January 18, 2013

” when i asked him her, he said I don’t know- wtf! If he was going to continue to see”

Here is the big warning sign for me personally. Regardless if he’s 100% being honest, he is fundamentally stating that, yah Full Report, he is been resting with this particular woman who’s running around telling everyone else they’re a few for just two years when they’re perhaps maybe not, and it is now sending lies to his buddies over facebook in order to destroy his relationship(s), but, you realize, he will most likely keep shagging her. What. Published by Dynex at 6:29 PM on January 18, 2013 40 favorites|18, 2013 40 favorites january

I’ve dated him. Yes, he is been leading her on.

Even though if if she had been only their FWB and she comprehended this, it is clear (A) she actually is extremely stuck on him and very hurt, (B) he does not CARE he is harming her, he might keep seeing her! Holy shit!!