6 Essential Questions You Need To Ask When Hiring A Building Contractor

When you hire a building contractor or company for your home renovations you need to make sure that you have chosen the right person. This task is by no means an easy one, but it is an essential step in completing your renovations. The harsh reality is that there are many con-artists out there and the chances of finding a skilled and professional builder are few and far between.

You need to make sure that anyone you are planning on hiring is properly vetted. The contractor you hire should instill a sense of ease and be savvy enough to answer all of your questions. Hiring someone who does not have the right qualifications to complete your renovations will leave you out of pocket and very disappointed.

Here are a few of the questions you should ask when hiring a Kingston building company:

Have you worked on any similar projects before?

If you are able to find a contractor who has worked on similar projects before you should already be smiling. You could also follow this up with questions regarding how long they have been in business or how business is going currently. The plus side of having someone who has already worked on similar projects is that they will be able to offer suitable advice on your property and how the job should be completed.

Explain your safety procedures to me?

In the world of building, safety is of the highest priority and as the homeowner, you need to make sure that the contractor you hire will adhere to strict safety regulations set out by various oversight bodies.

How long is it estimated that the alterations will take?

If you have not given your builder exact details or they have not been to your property to see which alterations are needed they will not be able to give you an estimation for a time frame. If a builder is able to give you a time frame without first having all of the details it should be a warning sign for you. Your contractor should always be honest with you and should not make a promise they cannot deliver on.

Do you need any other details from me?

If you are dealing with a skilled builder they would want as many details as possible from you. By getting more than enough details, the builder would be able to give you a definitive and accurate quote for the services they will complete.

Do you have an insurance certificate?

Most countries require all those involved in the building industry to have public liability insurance. Companies with up to date insurance records will be issued with certificates to prove this and you have the right to request these certificates at any time.

Which tools do you prefer to use?

Not only will the answer to this question give you insight into whether your builder is using quality tools but would also let you know if there will be a chance that the builder will use heavy equipment during the renovation process. If there is a chance that your builder may use larger pieces of equipment you can adequately warn your neighbours.