Why You Should Install an Outdoor Kitchen

If you’ve ever peeked over into your neighbours garden and seen them having a great time with friends and family and got a little jealous of their outdoor kitchen, then you’re not alone. In recent years, there’s been an increase in households ditching the classic BBQ area for a fully-functioning outdoor kitchen. If you’re not quite ready to make the commitment, then take a look at 5 reasons why you should:

  1. Make Outdoor Entertaining a Breeze

Lots of people enjoy entertaining loved ones in the garden when the sun is shining. But when you find yourself running in and out of the kitchen for supplies and food, it can turn into a bit of a chore. With an outdoor kitchen, you’ll have everything you need for the afternoon, so you can take it easy. Position the kitchen next to your cane furniture to save you having to bring all the food from one end of the garden to the other.

  • Change Your Garden’s Purpose

Keen gardeners may find they spend plenty of time out in the garden all year-round, enjoying the fruits of their labour and putting in hard-work to ensure it looks nice when guests come around in the summer. However, those of us who aren’t exactly nature enthusiasts might neglect the garden until the summertime. Having an outdoor kitchen will encourage you to cook meals outside even in spring and autumn.

  • Enhance Your BBQ Area

Your BBQ might be a standalone structure that you wheel out whenever the weather begins to heat up. On the other hand, it might be a built-in brick and stone feature. Either way, you can add to the area by building a kitchen around it! It’s simple enough to add some cabinets and worktops to make an outdoor kitchen, and when you’ve already got the necessary cooking equipment there, it makes it even easier.

  • Facilities Are Nearby

The key utilities that your outdoor kitchen needs to function can be easily found when connected to the main house. Water, gas and electricity supplies to your outdoor kitchen is simpler than it sounds, and only requires a small investment. What’s more, you could even install solar panels for lighting power, eliminating the need to waste electricity.

  • Create a Gourmet Space

When you install an outdoor kitchen, your motivation is clearly the culinary benefits it will bring. But you should also remember that you’re essentially creating an extension of your home – your own gourmet space! Once you include your outdoor wicker furniture and garden table, it will start to feel more like a place you can spend a great deal of time in. So, get creative and start thinking of ways you can turn an outdoor kitchen dream into a reality!