Top Trending  Staircase Styles in 2023

An ornamental metalwork staircase is a stunning architectural element that offers both convenience and a focal point in residences, stores, and workplaces. The type of staircase you choose will greatly influence not only the layout of your main level, but also the adjacent floors and even the exterior of the building. In this piece, we explore the top popular metal staircase styles in the UK and how you can integrate them into your undertaking.

Open tred spiral staircases

Spiral staircases are a fantastic method to generate excitement in any residence, store, or workspace and they can be the ultimate extravagant staircase layout for new construction and renovation. Airy spiral staircases add a contemporary spin to traditional ornamental staircase designs, making them a perfect selection for upscale, contemporary business settings. Spiral staircases are also a superb space-conserving technique for smaller “boutique” business establishments, producing a sophisticated shift between levels and offering a remarkable centerpiece to your property’s inside. Our custom-made curved staircases can be designed to suit both residential and commercial uses.

Minimalist design

Minimalist designs are also extremely well-liked among enterprises and residential real estate developers, as they offer a polished and modern appearance while still providing ample room for mobility. ‘Simplistic’ metalwork staircases differ significantly in dimension, extent, and design aesthetic, but frequently comprise of a core metal (typically steel) backbone supporting sturdy wooden steps and a railing – without an overabundance of embellishments or decorative elements. Occasionally, this straightforward and streamlined appearance can make a greater impact in a residence or business than a more elaborate staircase, producing a bold and attention-grabbing design characteristic.

Solid spiral staircase

Durable spiral staircases are a timeless, functional choice that is experiencing a resurgence in popularity in 2022/23 and can offer sophisticated and fashionable entry to any business or residential property development. This traditional metalwork staircase design is frequently utilized to connect outdoor balconies to the ground floor or link fire escapes in multi-story commercial and apartment complexes. While a metal spiral staircase may be basic and straightforward – and primarily utilitarian in purpose – the artistic metalwork offered by our innovative design engineers can still create a powerful visual impression on the outside of your building, distinguishing it from neighboring establishments.


A phrase that you may already be acquainted with, this is the barrier and the spindle is what keeps you from toppling over the boundary. It’s also the overall term for the entire arrangement of guardrails, including pickets and posts. These can be extremely ornamental; twisted, sculpted, hammered, or even substituted by timber or transparent panels. They rest between the guardrail and steps and are also referred to as spindles.

Embedded Glass

There has been a growing trend in the use of integrated glass balusters to achieve a more streamlined and immaculate look in the staircase of your home. This design movement involves replacing the handrail and base lining with a lightweight wooden material that incorporates a glass panel (or several panels). This design offers a smoother and more cohesive appearance that improves the overall aesthetics of your upper level. It is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners who desire a straightforward and understated look without any visible metal elements.

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