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Tips on Bathroom renovations for those who care about Earth!

It is not some myth that you may ignore any fine day, it is a fact. The climate is turning its side towards dire times. Almost all scientists have now come to this notion that climate change is real and it is our doing. This is why people across the world are making lifestyle shifts as a gesture of responsibility. So what can you do as a responsible dweller of Earth? There are thousands of ways you can help this planet heal. One of those ways that we are going to discuss here today is around water – the many ways you can save it. If you are planning some bathroom renovations (Melbourne), then consider making these changes. Making them happen while going through bathroom renovations eastern suburbs will not only save the ecosystem but your own resources too.

Water saving tips for bathroom renovations!

Study shows that we waste a hell lot of water in showers and toilets. Showers are such, they make people fall in pleasure and forget about the time. This leads to a lot of water wastage. So, what to do then? Here we present to you some tips to consider while having bathroom renovations Melbourne.

Let some kindness shower upon this Earth!

So, the stat is that a lot of water gets wasted through showers. Almost all countries roughly come to this same conclusion. This is why many water-saving campaigns talk about it. Thus, when having bathroom renovations (Eastern Suburbs) make sure you use a shower that saves water. What kinds are they?

  • An aerated shower – This aerated shower feels luxurious and the water comes sweet upon the skin. The water gets mixed up with air and thus becomes bubbly. You all might have seen this in sinks and toilets around the city.
  • A shower with a water reducing knob – This knob controls the amount of water while taking shower. Though this is less effective because people unconsciously turn the knob to max. Also, use a thermostatic shower valve if possible.

Although the technology is changing and there are more forms of water-saving showerheads. Do not forget to ask your bathroom renovator to advise you about some of these showers for bathroom renovations. And, avoid bathtubs if you can. Bathtubs use twice to thrice the amount of water that gets used by a shower.

Let the toilet not turn to a twilight!

Toilets are another source of huge water wastage. This is the reason we are seeing an evolution of toilets around the world with water-saving in focus. Data is that around 30 percent of total home water usage gets flushed down the drain. So what do then?

While installing a toilet, consider these two things –

  • Use a low-flush or low-flow toilet to reduce the amount of water while flushing.
  • Use a dual-flush toilet. A dual-flush toilet has two buttons in it – one for small flush for urination; another for big flush for defecation.

Ask your renovator while having bathroom renovations (Melbourne) to suggest you some more toilet types that save water.

Let some aerators bring grace to your water taps!

The government around the world is telling people to use aerators. If you are lucky, you may even find organizations giving it for free to install. Using aerators on the taps saves a lot of water, around 50 %. This is a huge saving considering the time we are about to face.

Also, get any leaks and cracks repaired. Make sure the floor does not have space for water to drain down below the floor. Also, use good quality fittings. It will save you from future repair costs on further bathroom renovations.

As a responsible being we can do this as least to control the climate change that is happening around. Who knows that a drop saved here can ease down the thirst of a being on the other corner of the planet.