This is the Function of 3 Kinds of Designs from Many Home Roofs Designs

House roof is an essential and vital component for a house. Just imagine if your house was built without a roof. Of course, the purpose of the house as a shelter is not fulfilled. In the process of building a house roof, various factors such as the slope of the roof need to be considered. To get a design with satisfactory results, you should hire a skilled roofer like Oshkosh roofing.

In addition to different roofing materials, it turns out the design of the roof of the house is also very diverse. In this article, we will discuss several types of roof designs and functions.

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Roof Saw Design

The design of a saw house roof is usually used in factories or industrial locations. The roof design of this house consists of two or more roof planes, each of which has a slope angle of 30 to 60 degrees. This tilt angle adjusts to the conditions in the room. If you need lighting during the day or ventilation, the 60-degree incline of the roof is changed to vertical.

The design of the saw roof is steep and can protect workers and factory machinery from direct sunlight. In general, the model of the saw house roof can still be applied to occupancy. In Russia, there are many houses with roof designs like this.

Mansard House Roof Design

The design of the roof of this house as if it consisted of two roofs that looked stacked or terraced. The type of mansard roof is a roof design with four sides where there are two slopes each on the roof side, generally used in Europe and most widely used in France. In terms of aesthetics, the design of the roof of the house is very beautiful and more varied than the designs of the roof of the house in general.

In addition to having the characteristics of a unique shape, the roof design of mansard houses can also have a functional side, which can be an attic for storing goods because it is semi-square upward and partly covers the shape of the house.

Roof Design Pyramid Houses

To apply the design of the pyramid model of the house roof, the calculation of the length, width, and height so that each side of the roof must be done carefully and precisely.

Many architectures suggest the use of this type of roof in a part of the house that has a small portion of land. This roof model consists of more than four areas of the same shape. The shape of the building plan can be in terms of 5, 6, or 8 aspects.

After knowing the type of roof above, which one do you want to apply in your home?