The Suitable Home Wine Cellar

So you want to add some improvements to your home, and maybe a wine cellar is what you need to kick it up a notch. In that case, you might want to consider buying a wine fridge to fit in your dining room, bar, or basement. Generally, a wine fridge can be purchased online and delivered straight to your front door for convenience. However, you should pay attention to the brand of fridge you are shopping for because this will determine the length of life your wine fridge will withstand. In light of this, you can use online customer reviews on company websites to help you gain insight into their products and services before you purchase from them. These online reviews are solely based on previous customers’ experiences and the feedback on issues they leave for a fridge brand or company to improve upon.

What is a Wine Refridgerator?

A wine refrigerator is an appliance that caters to your wine collection. It helps cool your wine at warmer temperatures than a regular refrigerator that stores food and other beverages. Generally, a wine fridge will cool red wine and white wine, cooling champagne and other sparkling wines. Not many people are aware, but wine on the modern market that is supposed to be cellared only fall at 1% of the market, and experts determine this by one factor; the price of the bottle. So, if your bottle of wine is under $30, you should enjoy it preferably soon. In addition, the temperature of your wine fridge should stay steady and should also stay out of the sunlightbecause UV rays force wine to age wine prematurely.

Benefits Of A Wine Cellar

Your wine’s age and taste will benefit when stored in a wine cellar or fridge. Firstly, a wine fridge creates a pleasant wine environment for wine by storing it at ideal humidity, stability, and temperature. Next, a wine fridge is designed with simplistic systems and costs less to maintain than a deep freezer, and it might surprise you that repair parts for a wine fridge are cheaper than a standard fridge. Furthermore, wine refrigerators are available in various sizes, designs, and bottle capacities. Moreover, you can also store other beverages such as still water, soda, and non-alcoholic drinks. However, do not store any perishables in your win fridge.

What Size Unit You Should Buy

Before you decide on a wine fridge unit size, you need to determine how much space you have in your home to cater to a wine fridge. Are you going to fit it under your kitchen counter? Will you leave it free-standing? How extensive is your wine collection, and how much will you store at a time? Once you have answered these questions, you can start to measure your space for a wine fridge. Most wine refrigerators can hold about 20 – 30 bottles of wine.

How to Store Wine

After you figure out where you will be storing your fridge and whether it will be freestanding and portable or fit into a space under your kitchen counter in a cabinet, you can start learning how to store your wine. You will need to store your bottles down on their side to ensure that the liquid inside the bottle will keep the cork moist for longer. Furthermore, you should try to keep the vibration near your wine fridge minimal so that it does not cause any distorted chemical reactions because this will cause it to age faster and develop a gritty taste.