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Safety Tips That Will Help Make Your Roof Repair Projects Safer and Easier

Most folks shy away from doing roof repair jobs on their own as the job can be hazardous and tricky. Roofing shingles can be slippery, some may have come loose, and steep slopes compound those hazards and greatly increase your chances of falling. If you’re brave enough to tackle your roof repairs on your own though, you can greatly minimize the potential hazards by following some basic safety principles.
1. Call for backup
Working with a buddy can not only get the job done faster, it also provides a safety backup in the case of an accident. If an accident does occur, it’s important to have someone there for immediate help.
2. Do some recon
Before you set foot on the roof, check out the overall condition. Look for potential hazards like loose shingles, holes in the sheathing, or other trouble spots.
3. Wear a safety harness
This is one …

roof remodel

Roof Repair Specialists Should Heed to Safety Precautions

When people do a certain thing for a long period of time, they tend to not be as serious about following rules. For example, when someone first starts driving, they try their best to stay at or below the speed limit. They make sure to put their blinker on every time they want to switch lanes or turn, even if no one is behind them. They even make complete stops at stop signs. Fast forward 5 years down the road and it’s often a completely different story.
The speed limit has become the speed minimum. In fact, the only time they try to stay anywhere near the speed limit is when they see a cop on the side of the road or somewhere in their vicinity. They rarely ever put their blinker on anymore, especially in traffic. That’s because in their eyes, if someone knows they are trying to get …

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Bathroom Remodeling – Tips for Improving Family Bathroom Safety With Your Remodel

The bathroom can quickly turn into one of the most dangerous rooms in your home if it isn’t appropriately designed for safety. Safety is even more important if you have small children, elderly people, or someone with a disability in your home. If you decided to do a bathroom remodel, this is the perfect time to work in improving the safety of the bathroom for your family. Here are a few bathroom remodeling tips that are important for keeping your family safe and comfortable in the bathroom.
Tip #1 – Start with Non-Slip Flooring
One great tip for a bathroom remodel is to start off with non-slip flooring. The right flooring is essential in the bathroom. Your flooring needs to stand up to water, since the bathroom often deals with puddles and humidity. You also need to ensure that the flooring has a non-slip surface so there is less likelihood …