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Saving Two Greens: How Solar Energy Becomes the Best?

Indeed, a little learning is a dangerous thing. Think about the sun. Some people attack solar energy because the sun may not shine anymore. It’s a legitimate claim. Nothing lasts forever in the physical world, not even the sun. But truth be told, the sun is still here to stay. 

Comprehensive scientific research shows our sun, the biggest object in the solar system, is about 4.603 billion years old. On average, stars burn bright for about 8 to 10 billion years. So that leaves us with about 4 to 6 billion years to go. That should tell you the sun is going to shine tomorrow and the day after. Not unless you’re some immortal walking the Earth on a mission. 

Best of all, solar energy will give you what fossil fuel-based energy can’t. We’re talking about two greens. Yup, you heard that one right. The first green is the color of money. When you invest in solar energy, you are setting yourself to be in the best position to save. Secondly and most importantly for everyone, you’re saving Mother Earth. And that’s the second green. Check out the details below. 

Great Savings on Solar

Right from the get-go, know you save a lot when using solar-powered energy. Think of your monthly power bills. When you use solar, you save on those pesky electric bills that take a substantial amount of precious dollars from your savings month after month. No, not just a month after month but year after year. 

To date, America is the country that has wasted so much energy yearly, topping even the most populated on the planet, China. Thanks to fossil fuel, we’re wasting as much as 58{0fdcb698a23929641504ab47cca9891ed2227c4ae96fba1d0275f88b8f46a986} of the energy we produce, using only 42{0fdcb698a23929641504ab47cca9891ed2227c4ae96fba1d0275f88b8f46a986}. 

Imagine how much you’ll save if you switch to solar-powered energy. Take note that solar panels have long lifespans, with some reaching even 40 years. So even if you may have to invest in them initially, the savings you’ll get throughout the years is a lot bigger than relying on traditional energy. It’s huge. 

What’s more, you can avail yourself of solar energy loans that allow you to invest in solar panels without having to shell out a lot of cash. In short, you get just the assistance you need. This allows you to own a bevy of solar power generators most conveniently. 

Moreover, the government is extending a hand. When you avail of solar panels, there are tax incentives that could await you. In the push towards renewable energy, local and federal authorities are rolling out tax cuts. You can then estimate how much you’re going to save when you factor these. 

Additionally, a property using solar is a property with greater value. When you install solar panels on your rooftop, you actually up the price valuation of your precious abode. That means you’re boosting the real estate’s resale value in the long run. 

Plus, think about your local community. When you invest in solar, you’re actually giving people who work on solar energy companies a job—a better future for everyone. 

Environmental Benefits

For the most part, we’ve been using fossil fuels. For the uninitiated, fossil fuels are fuels we derive from the Earth. These are formed eons ago by natural processes. We’re talking about anaerobic decomposition that turns dead organisms (plants and animals) into fuel. 

You might not know them scientifically, but we have actually been using them ever since cars saw their first paved road. Top of the list: coal, petroleum, and natural gas. Sounds familiar? 

The problem with fossil fuels is that they’re limited. No matter how big the amount we still have under the ground, fossil fuel is bound to be exhausted. It’s non-renewable. 

But not the sun’s energy. So long as the sun shines – which by the last look is still billions of years – we have an energy source. It’s inexhaustible, and it’s renewable.  

Worse, fossil fuels create carbon dioxide (CO2) as a by-product. As a consequence, more and more CO2 is stored within the Earth’s atmosphere. This causes the heat energy of the sun to be trapped. When that happens, the Earth heats all the more, creating the dreaded greenhouse effect. 

Unlike fossil fuels, harnessing the sun’s energy does not create unhealthy emissions. No air pollutants or toxic chemicals are produced when using solar. Overall, their effect on the environment is largely negligible. 

So when you invest in solar energy, not only do you help yourself, but you also help Mother Earth: two greens in one stone. And any way you look at it, it’s nothing short of amazing. 

Meta Title: How Does Solar Energy Save You Two Greens?

Meta Description: When you invest in solar, you save on two greens: you don’t have to worry about hefty electricity bills, and you’re helping everyone on the planet.