Raising The Roof (On Common Homeowner Concerns): Repalcement vs Repair

There is the old saying that home is where the heart is. But when a person’s home is located in a region that regularly experiences harsh weather, the buildings we call home can quickly wear down, spring a leak, or otherwise deteriorate. Extreme heat and harsh cold— along with other inclement weather events— can severely damage or even destroy roofs as well as infrastructure.

In fact, just one 2015 winter storm alone managed to cause $3.2 billion in damage. A North American heat dome event several years after that actually melted both roads and roofs. So especially in East Coast states, such as Pennsylvanian— which tend to be exposed to high heat and frigid cold— paying attention to the condition of a home’s roof is very important.

However, the prospect of paying for a roof replacement can seem daunting to homeowners, as it can sometimes be a costly and cumbersome task. It is also a job best left to the experts, as various styles of roof (such as slate) require specialized techniques and knowledge as well as the ability to safely navigate the actual roof itself. Incorrectly done repairs can also both cause damage or simply be ineffective, a waste of both time and money.

When To Find Help

Fortunately, a complete roof replacement is not always necessary. So instead of trying to save money and while allowing the roof damage to become even more severe (and costly), homeowners should instead consider making use of the services of roofing experts, such as Telford Roofing, who assess the damage and fix the issue(s) while causing less inconvenience than a total roof replacement would.

A total roof replacement, if the building has asphalt shingles (a popular and common roof variety) is recommended for every 20 years, although with modern materials the age of life can be extended to 35 years. While slate tiles are much longer lasting they are also more difficult to care for or replace. However, regardless of roof type, damage can occur at any time and also happen subtly.

It has been said if you want the cheapest way to destroy a house, cut a one-foot by one-foot hole in the roof, nature will take care of the rest. Wind and pests can cause damage, and accumulations of debris such as moss or leaves may too. It is hard to overstate the importance of inspecting a roof regularly and thoroughly to ensure homeowners will avoid expensive and unwelcome surprises later on.

Choosing an Expert

Obvious signs of problems include missing shingles, discoloration, holes, and also leaking— but even water damage may be less easy to spot if it happens in less commonly used areas, such as the attic. If any signs of damage are found, then it’s time to call in the experts. Just like regularly scheduled doctors’ visits may help people prevent more serious health concerns from happening later on, fixing roof problems when they first occur and are still small and easier to tackle will prevent serious issues from happening in the future.

Although the issue of roof damage and the problem of roof replacement costs may rightfully make homeowners feel apprehensive or stressed, competent professionals such as Telford Roofing will ease your concerns. There are various steps anyone can take to avoid needing a total roof replacement for as long as is advised by experts.

Knowing what to look for as far as signs of potential damage, local weather conditions and predicted storm events, roof type, and house age, can all assist homeowners in choosing the best maintenance method. Together, these things will guarantee that homeowners have a sound, solid, and secure roof over their heads.