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By leveraging these technologies, they have completed more than projects for more than 1000 clients globally. The company’s scope of services includes IT outsourcing services, salesforce consulting and development, IT products development and digital transformation consulting. Saigon Technology is based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and ranks among the top offshore development companies globally. The company has been offering affordable and reliable offshore software development services to clients globally for close to a decade. Today, thousands of companies globally offer offshore software development services. This post will highlight the top 20 best offshore software development companies based on their expertise, quality and scope of services, and reputation in the industry. Choosing the right offshore outsourcing partner is a complex job unless you are familiar with the company at hand.

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Such lists will help you find the companies that offer offshore development services in Ukraine and around the world. You can filter them by the size of the project, the number of employees, industry focus, as well as the size of their clients. Moreover, large directories, like Clutch, present verified clients’ references, which dwell on different aspects of partnerships, from the ability to collect a team promptly to project management skills. This offshore development outsourcing model is designed to address the needs of clients who require the highest levels of security or confidentiality in their offshore software outsourcing undertakings. This model is ideal for those who own sensitive projects that need to be developed in top secret facilities. If you have a proprietary software that you need to have developed, then maybe you should consider choosing the OSDC trust model.

What Are The Benefits Of Offshore Software Development?

It helps businesses save time and costs while leveraging innovative solutions developed by experienced and talented industry professionals. Hopefully, the enlisted companies herein help narrow your scope while looking for an ideal offshore software development company for your project. They boast of expertise in leveraging top technologies and frameworks to build fully fledge innovative solutions that help drive organizations to success. This proven expertise and industry experience of over ten years, augmented by reliable and cost-effective services have elevated the company to rank among the top offshore software development companies globally. Now, you can get your software development needs fulfilled with ease, thanks to Rockers Technology that boasts an experienced, skilled and knowledgeable outsourcing development team. You can book the services you need online and then sit back and reap the dividends. As a leading offshore development company, we are there to help you meet your software and application needs.

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You should feel comfortable asking a potential offshore development partner specific questions. Which cutting-edge technologies are being utilized by a particular offshore development company? If an offshore development company has expertise in various technologies then you’re lucky! For example, in terms of the optimal technology, programming language, the framework for your project. Software services have become an integral component in today’s businesses, critical for improved efficiency and overall business growth.

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N-iX is a leading offshore software development firm comprising more than 1000 expert software development professionals. Since its inception, the company has worked with over 100 clients in building solutions to help businesses of all sizes leverage the power of software. While it is headquartered in Lviv, Ukraine, its services extend globally through its delivery centers in the United States, Sweden, Poland, Bulgaria and Malta. The company comprises a team of expert developers and software engineers with expertise in top technology stack and frameworks. They also specialize in Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, AR/VR solutions, and Blockchain development. Codiant has extensive expertise in delivering reliable services that include web development, mobile app development, UX/UI design and eCommerce solutions.

Picking on the right team is a crucial factor as it is going to decide the level of success in the long run. Having a dedicated team also helps in developing the product right and also reduces the chances of facing a shock in the zeroth hour.

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However, most companies, particularly SMEs lack internal capacity for building and maintaining software products that meet their unique needs. The allure of offshore software development lies in the low associated costs, access to expert talents and leveraging extensive industry experience. Systemic has the unique ability to integrate critical Software Requirements into its innovative business offering. Our secure and scalable offshore software development offshore development company services enable companies using the latest technology and solutions to leverage our professional resources within a limited time frame and budget. Just like in-house workers work together in a group under one roof, offshore web development companies also take up a project in a similar way. They allocate a specific team for a particular project that comprises expert developers, business analysts, quality assurance resources, a project head, and so on.

Best 20 Offshore Software Development Companies In The World

Start by researching the information of the outsourcing company, matching their offerings to the needs of the project. Evaluate their website, services, technologies they offer, and success stories to understand how effectively they can manage your projects. Make sure your business offshore development company can provide agile, scalable and futuristic software solutions for incremental business growth. The number of offshore development companies all over the world has grown rapidly over the years, despite the reported disadvantages in outsourcing software requirements.

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Furthermore, these experts would leverage the best-in-class and most advanced tools in your development projects to render you the best solution for your business needs. Besides software development, the offshore development company can handle other fields including business process outsourcing , knowledge process outsourcing , data services and more.

The scope of services it offers includes web development, frontend and backend development, mobile development, cloud strategy and development, application testing and IoT. A team of over 400 developers, software engineers and project managers drive the company’s success. They boast of extensive competencies in top technologies and frameworks, and expertise in building fully-fledged software products that guarantee clients success.

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This technology not only makes development companies reliable, but also helps them in maintaining uptime of a compelling 99.9{5f2b9e26a6279c8917ec201dd76dc569ed68ae14669ba9aceb255de17b40c8f0}. This means that services are available 24×7, and the applications or software development projects can be conveniently launched from any location. This engagement model is the most common and it includes the provision of a fully dedicated team which is headed by a project manager. The offshore software development team will work closely with you to ensure that their design offshore development company and product would be in line with your wishes and business needs. When it comes to offshore software development, the outsourcing of projects to a foreign company is usually done by either hiring an individual software developer or partnering with an agency. A company may delegate the entire project or just specific features or parts of the same. Offshore software development services generally involve custom software development, mobile application development, and web development, to name a few.

  • They boast of expertise in leveraging top technologies and frameworks to build fully fledge innovative solutions that help drive organizations to success.
  • Hopefully, the enlisted companies herein help narrow your scope while looking for an ideal offshore software development company for your project.
  • It helps businesses save time and costs while leveraging innovative solutions developed by experienced and talented industry professionals.

If an offshore web development company participates in global or local IT associations or business unions? Such experience can speak of its credibility and maturity as a partnering company. You may also ask about the number of long-term clients that a potential offshore development company currently has. This is important to know if you wish to assign development tasks to an offshore development partner not once, but many times in the future as well.

The team working under this model are contractually forbidden from exposing the details of the project to any member who is not part of the offshore software development team. As a rule of thumb, you are highly advised to choose the offshore software outsourcing model that fits your project specification and budget. As would be expected, OSDC classic is the most common and also the most affordable of the three offshore software models followed by OSDC branded and finally the OSDC trust. Offshore software outsourcing allows companies to access global expertise as they have a well-maintained offshore development team.

Why Businesses Opt For Offshore Development Outsourcing?

Its scope of services also includes the application of disruptive technologies like Blockchain and AR. Behind the company’s success is a team of over 300 talented and highly qualified professionals. They have competencies in applying top technology stacks, including CSS, HTML, JavaScript, AngularJS, .Net, Swift, ember, Android, etc.

In a report by Statista, a global statistical portal which conducts annual surveys on a number of industries worldwide including information technology , offshore development companies still enjoy brisk business. In a 2017 survey it commissioned, 64 percent of respondents shared that they outsourced software development requirements to other companies. offshore software development projects to make it easy for businesses and keep the software product on a budget.

Almost all companies in this digital age, no matter what industry they belong to, require software applications to run their business operations with agility. This is necessary as they have to establish their niche in their field or achieve a competitive edge over other businesses. If you are one of these companies, you have the option to hire an onshore, near shore, or offshore development company. Offshore development companies implementing cloud computing have become very popular amongst businesses.