How to Send Packages Securely and Non-Destructively

Knowledge of how to send packages safely and non-destructively must be known by the owner of the online store. With the right package delivery method, and use logistics services as a medium for shipping goods. Today Rhenus Lupprians is the best European logistics companies experienced using a combination of modern equipment and proven shipping methods for almost every industry.

Knowledge of how to send a safe package can reduce the number of complaints from customers. For example, goods have not been received, damaged goods, or packages that have been opened, and many others. Especially when you offer products that are easily broken down through the internet.

Tips for Sending Safe, Anti-Destructive Packages

There are several ways you must do so that the goods sent to customers can arrive safely, namely:

  1. Use layered protection

The first tip you should do in sending packages safely and non-destructively is to provide multiple layers of protection. In addition, the wrapping material used must also have high resistance, not easily damaged or torn.

Layered protection that you can do by using bubble-wrap which is then followed by the use of cardboard. Bubble wrap you can get at a pretty cheap price can also be purchased online. Meanwhile, the outer wrapping can be done using used cardboard.

Also, make sure that there are no gaps in the wrapping box that can make items easily shake while in the shipping process. As a solution, you can cover the gaps with old newspapers or Styrofoam.

  • Consider using wooden packing

In addition to using bubble wrap and cardboard coated protection, you can also consider using wooden packing. How to send a package with wooden packing you can do for products that are really vulnerable to damage or breakage.

Compared to cardboard wrapping, wood packing is indeed more difficult. However, sometimes the shipping company provides a wood packing service that you can use.

  • Don’t forget to put a warning sticker

You have indeed wrapped the package neatly, using either layered protection or wooden packing. However, this protection is still not enough. You must also complete the shipping package with a warning sticker that informs that the goods in the package are items that are prone to damage due to shocks or glassware.

Related to this warning sticker, you can also cheat many funny messages scattered on the internet. For example, you might write the message, “Hearts break easily, don’t slam.” with a picture of a heart with a crack in the middle. Seeing a message like this, the delivery service officer will smile and will treat your package with care.

  • Choose a trusted shipping service

After neatly wrapping the package and putting a warning sticker at the same time as the destination address, you also need to make sure to use a trusted and not expensive package delivery service. There are many shipping services options that you can use in the online era like now.

Of the many choices, the Rhenus Lupprians that comes with a new face can be a major consideration. They provide quality goods delivery services at affordable rates. Moreover, the range of package delivery is also very broad. No wonder they are one of the best European logistics companies.

A Personal Message to Consumers Can Be an Interesting Extra Service

Besides paying attention to how to send packages safely and non-destructively, there’s nothing wrong if you pay more attention to consumers. One way you can do that is by giving a personal message to the package. Personal messages can be wise quotes or aphorisms.

Through that personal message, customers will feel they are getting special treatment from you. This will also give a deep impression to them. Moreover, if ordered goods can arrive in one piece without any damage. Good luck!