The rainy season has arrived you should be careful because the influence of the weather can cause damage to the roof of the house. A house that is notabenenya as a shelter if not terawatt then will make the building not as solid as it seems. For example, a rarely treated part of the tile causes a leak during the rainy season. Not only that leaking roof will also make water easy to seep into the house itself. The roof can be damaged due to cracked concrete dak causing leakage. For those of you who are still beginners in overcoming leak roof can try to follow the following tips:

Know First Why Roof Shatters

Cara Mengatasi Atap Rembes

The first step you can take to fix the roof is to check the cause of the leak. Check the roof to find the leak center. If the roof seeps because of the cracked concrete dak may cause the following:

  • When the concrete is cast and not dry properly you have forged it with loads or concrete plates exceeding its capacity
  • The cold heat temperature is extreme enough to affect the concrete plate itself and result in a shrinking crack
  • There is no curing compound or treatment using puddles for 7 days.
  • The movement of the building receipt resulted in unstable concrete plates
  • The thickness of the concrete cast is not meeting existing standards or the complaint is less than perfect
  • Dak concrete is not perfect during the manufacture or the cracks seen on the concrete dak

How to Overcome Roof Shattering

Cara Mengatasi Atap Rembes

Well, here are some ways to overcome the roof of the leak that you can do:

Use Heat Resistant Coating

To make dak concrete on the roof of your house resistant to heat then make a special layer. This special coating uses materials such as acrylic, additives and silica sand. Use a brush roller then labor the liquid onto the cracked surface of the dak. Guaranteed leaky dak surface is resolved and resistant to hot temperatures.

Apply Waterproofing

Waterproofing is often used as a solution for roofing houses that have leakage. First bobok first as deep as 2 cm and if the cracks are big enough you just solidified with cement then flatten. After that use a brush that has been waterproofed fiber fiber on a large crack mark. It aims to close smaller holes. Apply waterproofing evenly to the entire surface of the concrete dak.

Coat With Wall Paint

Even if you use a heat resistant and waterproofing coating, the surface still needs to use wall paint. Waterproofing has very elastic properties, slightly sticky when dry so the wall paint is suitable for reducing its stickiness. Do this coating when the weather is really sunny so it’s dry quickly.

Take Advantage of Bitumen Sheets For Stagnant Areas

There are some parts of dak concrete that also tend to be stagnant during the rainy season. In this area take advantage of bitumen sheets that are suitable for stagnant areas. Bitumen coatings are not suitable for areas directly exposed to sunlight. Then use cement powder and solvents that are also resistant to puddles but not strong enough against ultra violet rays. Mix evenly then layer on a cracked surface.

Remember when working on waterproof clean surface from dirt and do coating twice. The distance between layer one and the second is at least 4 hours to be completely dry. The area that is to be waterproof should also be dry instead of in a wet state.recognizing the leak point will save you time in dealing with the leak roof