How to Fix a Leaking Water Tap in 5 Minutes

Water taps are basically a useful device for closing and opening waterways. When likened to an electrical circuit, the water tap has the same function as the switch. When the water tap is opened, the flow of water will flow through the channel. Similarly, when the water tap is closed, the flow of water will immediately stop. Unfortunately this water tap can experience leaks. But calm down. To fix a leaking water tap, it can actually be resolved very quickly as long as you know where the leak point is located

There are at least two factors causing the leak on the water tap. The first cause is that the tap has been damaged. So even though the tap is closed, there is still a slight gap where water can come out through the gap. This you can deal with by replacing a broken tap with a new one. The second cause lies in the connection between the pipe and the tap. Usually the long connection will loosen because the glue and sticky tape in it starts to decrease. To solve it, you simply glue it and tip it back.

We understand that while the process for fixing water taps is basically easy, but for those of you who are not used to tinkering with the waterways, it’s not impossible for you to experience confusion yourself. You may not really know where to start and get on with the job properly. Besides, you also don’t know exactly how to reconnect the water tap with pipes,right? Therefore, we here try to provide a complete, clear, and easy-to-understand guide specifically for you.

Tools and Materials :

  • New water taps of the same size as faulty taps (optional)
  • Special tape for PVC pipe
  • Special glue for PVC pipe
  • Wrench with size according to the diameter of the faucet

Taps, PVC tape, and PVC glue can be found at a nearby building store.

Steps :

  1. Turn off all water sources leading to the water tap, either from the well pump, or toren water. While it is being repaired, there should be no flow of water coming out of the tap. (30 seconds)
  2. Use a wrench to remove the water tap from the pipe by turning it counterclockwise. Be careful when doing this so as not to cause scratches. (120 seconds)
  3. If the tap can still be used again, clean the base of the tap from the remnants of old glue and tape. Also clean the inside of pvc pipe. Wipe the base of the pipe until dry. (30 seconds)
  4. Once the water tap and PVC pipe have been clean and dry, wrap the tape at the base of the PVC pipe and tap the water approximately 5-8 times the twist. Do it neatly. (30 seconds)
  5. Apply PVC glue on the base of the water tap evenly. Then immediately install this tap in the PVC pipe hole. Rotate clockwise to tighten the connection. (30 seconds)
  6. Fasten the connection again using a wrench. You have to rotate this key clockwise. Make sure it’s really tight and there’s no gap. (30 seconds)
  7. Turn on the water source, then check if the tap is no longer leaking? It should now be normal for the water tap to return without any leakage occurring. (30 seconds)

Is it true that fixing a leaking water tap is really easy? Even if you want, you’ll be able to get it done well in one experiment. So now it’s your turn to apply the above guidelines in real life. Good luck yes!