How Apartment Buildings Can Benefit from Commercial Heat Recovery Systems

Because they tend to generally use more power than individual homes, apartment building owners have the potential to benefit greatly from heat recovery systems.  Not only can they help to lower the costs of energy (something which many landlords who include the cost of bills in with the rent will appreciate), but they also provide fresh, clean air to those within the building.  With many landlords and apartment owners now looking for ways to reduce their costs, commercial heat recovery systems can be a great choice.

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It’s More Energy Efficient

All businesses, including rental properties, need to place a lot of focus on their carbon footprint and seek out ways to improve it.  A commercial heat recovery system is a good way to get started with this.  A form of renewable technology, they reduce the amount of heat that is lost, and are up to 80% energy efficient.  When combined with other green strategies, the amount of energy an apartment building could save is staggering.  You can find out more by visiting this link:

High Return on Investment

Many business owners will consider their costs before implementing anything new.  And while a commercial heat recovery system will require a significant investment, business owners can expect a high return.  Just as one example, this eight-storey office block in Hamilton was spending around £115,000 on running costs.  Upon switching to a commercial heat recovery system, they saw this figure decrease to £18,500.  The difference is incredible, and could make a huge difference to landlords who pay their tenants’ electricity bills.  Even those who don’t pay them can use the saving as a selling point when renting out their properties.

Longer Lasting Than Conventional Heating

Commercial building owners can look into additional extras when installing a commercial heat recovery system.  One of these extras is a flue economiser.  This is installed onto a large boiler and helps to prevent wide fluctuations in temperatures.  Traditional systems don’t come with this addition, and the sudden high temperatures often lead to wear and tear which requires tradesmen callouts, higher costs, and also usually requires a full system replacement in a shorter time frame.  This one small addition to a commercial heat recovery system can ensure it lasts for longer than a traditional system would, saving you time, stress and money.

It’s a Smart Technology

Finally, commercial heat recovery systems are often touted as a smart technology because they keep residents cool in the hot summer months and warm during the freezing winters.  The air temperature is much more constant and requires no input from the residents of your apartments at all.  While they can still choose to add portable heaters, fans and air conditioners to their space, very few need to use them.  In fact, many one-family residential buildings are also now investing in the technology due to the energy savings and benefits it provides.

If you are a landlord or an apartment building owner, commercial heat recovery systems are a fantastic choice for your space.