Home Maintenance Work that Should Be Done Regularly

Home maintenance can sometimes be annoying for some people. But it’s a necessary task to avoid costly repairs in the future. While some things have to be checked every month, others only require seasonal maintenance, particularly for areas affected by the incoming season.

Here are some home maintenance tasks that every homeowner should keep in mind to avoid issues in the future

Monthly Maintenance Work

Monthly maintenance work means you have to check equipment in the home every month. You should dodge the task unless you want to handle a bigger issue in the future. Some of these monthly maintenance work includes the following:

Clean the Water Softener

Cleaning the water softener allows you to avoid getting clogged pipes in the future. Water softeners are used to remove minerals causing the water to become hard. These minerals include magnesium and calcium. And if you have a salt-based water softener, you can replenish the salt in the device.

Clean the Furnace Filter

You should also make sure to clean the filter of the furnace to ensure it will function properly. This means removing any dust buildup on the furnace to make it easy for you to regulate temperature. If necessary, you can also have the furnace repaired if you notice that it is not functioning the way it’s supposed to function.

Unclog Bathtub and Sink Drains

This is quite practical since a clogged drain means you have to deal with stagnant water in the bathtub ad sink. This can become a place for mosquitoes to breed and cause much bigger health problems in the future. To unclog the drains, you can either use a de-clogging agent or a plumber’s snake to let the water flow freely again.

Check all Electrical Cords

Damaged electrical cords pose serious risks to the household. They can either cause electrocution or fires. Due to this, you should check the wiring in the house to avoid dire consequences later on. If you find damaged wiring, you can get a professional to work on it, especially if you don’t have the proper tools to work on it.

Fall Maintenance Work

Fall is a great time to perform maintenance work due to the dry weather. Even as most of the maintenance work doesn’t require any professional help, you should still consider hiring someone if the work is too complicated.

Clear the Lawn

It’s fine to leave the lawn unraked if the leaves only cover 10 to 20 percent of the grass. But if fallen leaves cover the entire lawn, you should rake the leaves or use a blower before composting them. Clearing the lawn of fallen leaves isn’t merely to increase the curb appeal of your home. Raking the leaves prevents the growth of snow mold. It also allows the grass under the leaves to grow.

Clean the Gutters and Downspouts

Leaves and other debris can fall into the gutter and downspouts of your house. And you need to clean them and remove the debris. Clearing them prevents a leaky roof that might damage the interior or exterior of the house. Additionally, it also prevents rodents and other pests from making themselves at home in these places.

Winter Maintenance Work

Winter comes and goes, but the maintenance work you have to do remains constant. It’s always a good idea to check some maintenance work in the house before winter sets in. Here are some things you need to check before it gets too cold outside.

Seal Exterior Cracks

Winter rain tends to go into the house’s masonry, resulting in issues if you don’t prevent it. Due to this, it’s important to seal any cracks or gaps in the masonry to prevent infiltration by winter rain. You should also fix a leaking roof to prevent water from getting into the house.

Insulate the Pipes

If the water pipes are not insulated, they can crack since water will expand when it freezes. And when they crack, they can burst and lead to more problems in the future. This is particularly true with pipes exposed to the exterior winter weather. But you can prevent this by using pipe sleeves or heat tapes. These allow the water to flow freely without freezing through the pipes.

Check for Drafts

One important thing to check during winter is the entry of cold air into the house. When you feel a draft inside the house, you should check the sealing in your windows and doors. You should also check for cracks on the wall where the cold air comes in. When you spot them, make sure to seal them as soon as you can.

Many home maintenance jobs are easy to do, but if you find a task too daunting to face, you should call the professionals to handle the task for you.

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