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Full Guide How To Automatically Replace Monitors Drivers for Windows 8 on Your PC – Solved

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Ensure all other apps are closed before you click Play in Steam. Windows 10 is equipped with an Xbox app which includes features such as screen recording, streaming, and Game Mode. Optimizing your laptop for gaming can be as simple as activating Game Mode. Few devices can enjoy improved operation without effective power management.

We’re assuming you’re running Windows 10 for many of these tips. If not, there is a manual change you can make to your laptop before you launch a game.

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399.24 is the Game Ready driver for Shadow drivers for Windows of the Tomb Raider. Performance wise, this driver is again pretty interesting. On my Pascal 1070Ti both The Division and Wildlands got improvements in framerate and frame pace smoothness, and FarCry 5 is almost on par or even a hair better than before. Seems that once again CPU usage has improved, so this can explain the gains on my rig with a midrange 4th gen. i5.

When it comes to laptops—devices that are intended for use away from a permanent power source—power management is a big deal. Fortunately, it’s usually straightforward, at worst a slight inconvenience that has been largely swallowed up into the standard OS updates. Over time your laptop builds up dirt, dust, and grime. We show you how to clean every part of it, from the screen to the ports and more. You’ll only enjoy improved performance on your laptop with a proactive attitude to physical maintenance.

Far Cry V have almost the same numbers than the previous driver. Same Max and Min, and maybe 1-2 extra Average FPS, but should not be considered significant as it’s well within the test error margin.

How to install Motherboard drivers

This detritus will reduce airflow, resulting in a computer that gets too hot. Here are 10 ways to optimize your laptop gaming setup on Windows 10.