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Do Hurricane Windows Really Work?

Windows must have some protective measures in hurricane-prone zones. Duct tape, cardboard shutters, or be in the form of impact windows, the windows must be protected in some way or the other. People know that windows with hurricane protection do a better job in protecting the house. The house windows must be made strong enough for the safety of the home and the people living inside the house. However, there are some misconceptions regarding the windows. In this article, we will explain the hurricane windows and house windows and the misconceptions related to them. 


Most people think that hurricane windows are expensive and can cost them a lot of money. But, on the contrary, the impact windows with strong protection are much less costly than the stylish electric windows with shutters as they can cost twice the hurricane protection windows. 

Hurricane windows also include the cost of installation and pre-storm preparation guides. They also provide noise reduction, UV blocking, and many other features which make them an excellent choice for areas having frequent storms.


Many people think hurricane windows are just for style and don’t add any extra features to the house. However, the primary feature of a hurricane window is to protect your home. They can withstand a big storm having a speed up to 200 miles per hour. Moreover, it is better to have peace of mind that the house is protected from storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.; if the storm is terrible and exceeds the speed limit, then the glass of the windows cracks in a spider-like pattern and does not break. 

House Windows Are Similar

People think that all windows are the same, and that is why they buy high-quality windows with a good rating. These people believe that their house is protected from heavy storms and tornadoes. But flying debris changes it all. The glass breaks, causing severe damage to the home in such situations. People should know the difference between a protective hurricane window and a standard house window with a good design pressure rating.

Do Not Guarantee Protection

We should understand that these impact and protective windows do not prevent hurricanes. Instead, they protect the house from strong winds and storms. Impact-resistant glasses provide a lot of safety during storms and do not break easily. They are tested, and reports suggest that they are the best option to be used for a hurricane or heavy storm-prone areas.


Hurricane protection windows are a must for storm intensive areas. They do work and provide a lot of safety to the people staying inside the house. Homeowners might not have known about protective windows or impact glasses. They should be made to learn about these safety measures as during a storm; their life is at risk. Having a safe house window in areas like South Florida is as important as the thought of survival. Many people lose their lives too in storms like hurricanes, tornadoes, etc., winds that move at great speed.