Colour coordinating your home in 4 easy steps

You could share a flat, live on your own, own a farm, own a castle… the home is where the heart is and sometimes your home may need a little, revamp… or a woman’s touch as Calamity Jane would say.

1.Pick a theme that suits your house.

For those that don’t know, color coordinating appears in many different ways, I will give you some ideas:

  • One statement colour appear throughout the house, sewn into cushions, painted on picture frames, on your garden coffee table, the flowers you grow, the colour of the rug, lamp shades or statement walls for example:
  • You could have more than one colour appear, I think a good colour contrast works if your going for an edgy, stylish vibe e.g. pink and orange or green and pink or red and gold, whatever you feel expresses your personality and suits your room best. This is effectively different but not over dramatic.
  • If you are more girly and subtle, a mixture of pastel colours or combined with a floral print often works, light pink and a rose pattern, pastel green and a palm tree pattern. Textures and prints are often a really effective way to colour coordinate. But be careful, too much pattern and prints could stop your room for looking classy and can border on cluttered and busy.
  • If your extra, bold and confident, multiple colours and patterns can be made to look fashionable. Here are some fabulous combinations: teal, hot pink, brown and green. Pastel pink, coral, green and gold. Gold, red and purple. Black, grey, mustard and gold. Cream, pastel green, light orange. Find matching patterned cushions and throws that fit the theme of your house.

2.Space available.

  • Consider the space you have, don’t go buying tiny picture frames when you have a giant wall to cover. Fill the space but don’t clutter, often a mixture of sizes and shapes can look unique, order a garden coffee table for your front room to add some texture, or multiple, all the same colours but different shapes or the opposite way round but NOT both.
  • Don’t go and buy a giant statement piece of furniture that takes up the whole room and you bang your knee every time you walk past it. You may only have a small garden but you could have a giant garden coffee table in the centre that could fit a thousand coffee cups but only two people. Be practical and measure up, you need to be comfortable.

3.What do you need. Be thrifty.

  • I believe the most satisfying purchase is when you don’t pay full price for it. You could be a student or have 5 children, saving money is the best way. Sometimes the most unique, beautiful pieces of contemporary furniture can be found in thrift shops, charity shops, ebay, second-hand shops, small boutiques etc do not be afraid of searching for something.
  • Next, accessorise around what you already have. Don’t buy a new sofa when you already have a perfectly good one at home, just buy some new cushions. Don’t go and buy a new garden set of chairs, just order a new garden coffee table, sometimes a few inexpensive purchases can transform your house.
  • You can print pictures off at home and frame them yourself for very little money. Just an idea. Google hacks such as turning a T-Shirt into a pillow or dying a rug pink in the washing machine or some cheap battery powered lights on your roof. Be creative, imaginative and inventive.

4.Make a statement.

  • Your house needs to be about YOU and what YOU are expressing through colour and patterns and pictures.
  • A statement piece can change and completely alter a room. Put a bright pink sofa in a plain room to add that pop of colour.
  • In a bright coloured room find a black and white printed wallpaper to create a contrast wall or gold/silver textured wallpaper to add some class.
  • In a dark room increase the lighting through fairy lights or big statement lampshades to increase the brightness.
  • Big and chunky prints look very modern and are very fashionable.
  • Some people have an animal that they feel represents them e.g. elephant. Add pictures of elephants, vases and objects around the house that express this.
  • In the garden, add a garden coffee table that is bright and colourful that compliments the colours of the environment that surrounds you.
  • Lastly for something more masculine, compliment dark and light greys with either mustard, red or blue and aim for hints of metal and aged leather, industrial looking furniture or a wooden or metal garden coffee table.