Clip-in hair review

Clip-in hair review

All my life I dream of long hair, and I watched and listened a lot about extensions. Reviews are completely different and there is no consensus!

The extension starts from the back of the client’s head as follows: the hair on the back of the head is detached from the base and the rest is trimmed. If a single clip is used, the master applies two wefts to a section of hair. The distance between clips is about 2 inches.

I decided to try this procedure too. I came to a beauty salon, they tortured me for about 3-4 hours, as a result, they grew hair below the shoulder blades. It was beautiful, I admit it

  • the hair was matched to the tone
  • it shone
  • looked well-groomed

Well, like in a beauty salon.

But now, it’s time to wash your hair. They need to be washed with a special shampoo, secondly, they get confused and it is very difficult to wash them, and how much time it takes for styling, so I generally keep quiet.

Another big disadvantage is that the hair extensions are visible! You almost always go with your hair loose, which often gets in the way, and once again you will not collect a ponytail, because your hair extensions will be visible.

In general, it seems to me that hair extensions are not for everyone. There is now a large selection of clip-on hair that you can put on and take off, wash and curl every day, without worrying about your hair extensions showing up when you pull up your ponytail.

With hair extensions, you spend a lot of money, and a lot of time for this procedure.

So girls, love your hair, appreciate it and take care of it, make masks, drink vitamins, go to the hairdresser, and I think that you will achieve the desired result.

As a last resort, if nature has not rewarded you in any way, then get hair with clips here