Yay, it is another window of opportunity for Dopers to take part in their third-favorite task

Dating guidelines for nerds

Tright herefore let me reveal my issue: I likes me personally some bashful, nerdy dudes, nonetheless they won’t ever start a discussion beside me. We have not a problem using the effort (no fear, no tact, with no pity, actually), but them i tend to get fear signals back: stuttering, twitching, averted eyes, etc if I try to talk to.

I am maybe not unattractive (based on the good individuals when you look at the photo that is recent with good hygiene, gown feeling, and fundamental grooming habits. I am a bit peaceful for the reason that I do not spend on a regular basis giggling and speaking similar to girls my age (22), but i could undoubtedly hold my personal in a sensible discussion. We have no self-esteem dilemmas …

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