Can You Live in Your House During Foundation Repair in Indianapolis? (Expert Advice)

Are you putting off needed foundation repair for an Indianapolis property? If so, it’s time to call a professional contractor! The longer you ignore foundation cracks, spalling, sinking, and leaks, the worse they become. In turn, your eventual repairs will cost even more than if you called at the first sign of damage.

However, some homeowners put off needed foundation repair for an Indianapolis property because they’re worried about the disruption. With so many people working from home these days, this can be a valid concern! Check out some vital information about foundation fixes including whether or not you can stay in your home during this process. Learn more about our foundation repair services on our website at

Can You Stay In a House During Foundation Repair?

When it’s time for foundation repair for an Indianapolis home, the good news is that you typically don’t need to leave the property throughout the project. A repair contractor will usually excavate areas around the damaged foundation. Next, he or she will patch cracks, apply waterproof membranes, and the like.

For severe damage, a contractor might install pins or piers into the ground and then attach these to the foundation. These pins help lift sunken areas and keep the foundation strong. Also, they might inject a specialty slurry that lifts sunken concrete, drying and keeping it in place.

Rarely is this work so disruptive that you would need to vacate your home. However, note that it’s vital you stay away from those areas during that repair work. Excavation means dangerous pits and your contractor might use heavy-duty machinery for digging or for installing piers and other materials. In turn, you might schedule a few hours away if you know your kids or pets might get underfoot during this work!

Additionally, it’s vital that you make other arrangements for entering and leaving your home and property during foundation repair. For instance, if a contractor needs to repair areas around your home’s attached garage, consider parking in the street for the day!

Can You Live In a House With Foundation Problems?

One common question from homeowners is if you can live in a house with foundation problems. One reason for this is that foundation repair for an Indianapolis property is often costly! While it’s true that homes with foundation damage don’t typically outright collapse, this doesn’t mean you should overlook that damage.

One reason to schedule needed repairs quickly is that a weak foundation often allows a house to settle and sink, usually along one side or another. In turn, that sinking pulls on framing and other solid surfaces inside and outside the home. Eventually wall and ceiling cracks might form, and interior floors often crack and buckle.

These cracks let outside heat and cold into your home while letting your heated and cooled air escape. You might then notice a spike in your utility costs! Cracks also let in moisture that risks mold along walls and mildew underneath carpeting. Mildew and mold might even form along furniture and other items in the home.

That moisture also risks damage to wood framing, drywall, and other materials. Consequently, floorboards and wall studs might crack and drywall crumble. Excess moisture in the home can also risk damage to electrical wiring and other features.

While these issues aren’t always dangerous, they can mean more expensive repairs the longer you ignore foundation repair for an Indianapolis property. Replacing framing, drywall, and carpeting also adds to those costs. In turn, it’s best to schedule needed fixes at the first sign of damage.

Are Foundation Problems Serious?

While you can’t always see foundation damage, those issues are often serious, and they need immediate attention. Cracks let in moisture that risks even greater damage to the foundation and inside building materials. Mold growth from that moisture also risks damage and is very unhealthy for your family and pets!

Once cracks form along walls and ceilings, those cracks tend to get worse over time. You might also soon notice gaps in room corners, damaged crown molding, tile slipping away from grout and caulk, and other issues. Doors and windows also might not close and lock securely!

In severe cases, basement walls can also crack and eventually crumble. This means very expensive repairs while your home is also exposed to outside elements.

Additionally, foundation damage can also lower property values. In some cases, your home also might not pass an inspection. In turn, you might not be able to sell your home or might only get lowball offers if you should put it on the real estate market. For all these reasons and more, consider timely foundation repair for an Indianapolis property!

Are Foundation Repairs Worth It?

The short answer is yes, foundation repairs are always worth their cost! One reason to consider timely foundation fixes is that damage only gets worse the longer it’s ignored, as said. Additionally, fixing cracks and leaks can help prevent a structure from sinking and settling. You can also avoid secondary damage such as interior and exterior wall and ceiling cracks, mold, and the like.

Also, note that foundation damage lowers property values.  In turn, you might lose equity in your home rather than build it! Rather than being able to sell your home for a profit or at least for any outstanding mortgage debt, you might even end up “under water” with your property. This means owing more on the home than it’s worth!

Additionally, a foundation repair contractor can note how to prevent future foundation damage. For example, they might suggest better soil grading, to direct moisture away from your property’s foundation. He or she might also note clogged gutters, too much soil against the structure, or a damaged underground sprinkler.

Making repairs or other needed changes can prevent damage from getting worse while also protecting property values. Your investment in needed foundation fixes is then an investment in your property overall! However, you won’t protect your property if you keep putting off needed foundation repair for your home, so consider calling a contractor today.