Beautiful Décor Tips For Your Pooja Room

While designing your house, you must not ignore the pooja room decoration. Over time, the room of worship has evolved, and now, it is not just a mere space where you can pray. It should be clean and attract positive energy to your house. Also, you must pay attention to its design and ensure that the room appears aesthetically appealing. If you are not sure how to decorate your pooja room, here are a few tips that will help you: 

01 of 05 Place your idols at the right place

While placing the idols in your pooja room, you must ensure that the positioning is Vastu-compliant. Experts always suggest positioning the idols facing the North-East direction. You must never place idols facing each other. All idols and paintings should stay organised in one row neatly. Also, the altar must not appear crowded with idols. It should be at a considerable height from the floor as well. Leaving six inches between the floor and the altar is sufficient. If you feel sufficient space is not available in your pooja room design to fit a traditional wooden or marble altar, opt for the modern sleek and stylish ones that can easily fit into small places. Vertical altars are available as well if sufficient floor space is not available. While building the pooja room, always ensure that it is located far from the bathroom.

02 of 05 Be selective with colours

Peoples’ moods and emotions are often influenced by the colours that surround them. Hence, you must put some heed into choosing the colours for your pooja room’s decoration. Choose a colour that will create a vibe of divinity in the room and enhance its sanctity. There are various colours you can choose for the pooja room including pristine white, soft blue, powerful red, invigorating yellow, etc. Consider creating an accent wall using textured metallic paint to enliven its visual appeal.

03 of 05 Allow plenty of light to enter

The pooja room should appear bright and inviting. If it is poorly lit, the overall appeal of the space will diminish. One of the easiest ways to ensure that the room appears well-lit and bright is to install large windows in the room. They will allow abundant sunlight indoors and cleanse the negative energy from the space. You can choose curtains for the windows that allow light to pass through and will keep the indoors well-lit. For artificial lighting, you can opt for a statement chandelier to upgrade your pooja room design. On the other hand, many modern sleek and energy-efficient lighting fixtures are available in the market that will prove to be the ideal choice for your pooja room. 

04 of 05 Greenery

Adding greenery to almost any space can instantly make it appear appealing. However, experts recommend adding greenery to the pooja room for another purpose. Many plants have a religious significance and are considered holy. Some of the most common examples include Tulsi, Peepal, Bonsai, Banyan, etc. Further, they will help to keep the air fresh and have a calming effect on people’s minds. 

05 of 05 Adequate storage options should be available

In most Hindu households, prepping for the pooja is a very elaborate activity. You will require lots of items and ingredients to ensure the pooja is conducted properly. However, where will you keep these items after the pooja is over? Leaving them lying around in the room will make it appear very cluttered. Instead, there should be a dedicated storage area available for everything. Make sure that sufficient storage options are available while designing the pooja room. You can either buy a storage unit for the pooja room or opt for customised options so that they blend in with the pooja room decoration perfectly.