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I want the Nikon lenses had a aperture ring like most Sony lenses do. You can still have the on digicam front and rear command dials also . At least start putting the management ring on most all of the Nikon Z glass .

  • Cold climate saps battery life, so to keep your digicam working when the temperature drops, keep a spare charged battery warm in an internal jacket pocket.
  • MediaTek unveiled the Dimensity 9300 SoC as the latest cell processor on Monday .
  • Elsewhere, Roger is a die-hard shutter-release button focuser, but Will and Kingsley make the case for back-button focusing.
  • And there’ll proceed to be fixed innovation in digicam drone expertise.

Personally, I’m betting on the primary choice, however it appears like we’ll have to attend some time. In the meantime, OM digital is attempting to clear out the stock of the OM-1. This is clear in the costs in Europe in addition to in the States, where it is at present selling for $1,900 (was $2,200). Viewed from an altitude of 36,000 km , our planet appears like a colorful jewel in the middle of a dark universe.

Hong Kong Court Affirms Landmark Sedition Conviction For Pro-democracy Activist

Of all the countless “my digital camera is better than yours” cellphone releases, this one surely has the least relevance of any of them? And of all of the stories, footage of uniformly brown rocks and sand on Mars have to be some of the most unrewarding images even taken, contemplating the trouble Photograpy News and expense required to get them. I can’t believe we’ve already been doing weekly photo challenges for half a year! I’m continually amazed by the standard of labor submitted by our readers, and I love the inspiration it supplies each week. If you’ve participated in these challenges earlier than, I’d like to supply my honest thanks.