6 Home Lighting Variations Based on Lamp Type

Confused by home lighting? This article will discuss various home lamps with different light effects. Find the answers here! Are you designing the best house for your family members? Meaning, you must not forget how important home lighting is. Both inside and outside the room, lighting on the dwelling is very important for the architectural design of the house. If you are looking for a charming lamp that can be adjusted to your home design, just visit the Flos.

The first thing you should do is get to know a variety of light fixtures. The effect will affect the light produced. No need to linger anymore, let’s find a good type of light for home lighting that suits your taste.

Concealed lights

The effect of light hidden from the eye’s view will be offered a type of concealed lamp. The installation was deliberately hidden among details in the design of buildings such as walls and stairs. The result? The effect of the light is so dramatic that it can renew the mood of the householder. This also includes lighting that is suitable for minimalist homes. It should be noted during the installation process because it is quite difficult and requires people who are experts in doing the installation.

Recessed lights

This home lighting has a hidden characteristic and only shows a little fixture. Recessed lights are planted on the wall or ceiling as downlights or up lights for the floor. Variations in the installation of these lights can give a neat impression on the house because it does not show bulges that disturb the view. However, the effect of recessed lamps is somewhat less than the maximum in the spread of the light so you have to install in large quantities.

Chandelier lights

Bringing variations in lighting in other different houses can use a chandelier. This lamp can be mounted by hanging on the ceiling. The design is very luxurious and elegant, you know. Most residents of the house usually often place it in the living room or behind the entrance of the house.

Surface lights

Structuring the type of home surface lights is the opposite of the appearance of concealed lights. This lamp is installed by accentuating the surface. Usually, residents use the house if there is no space left on the ceiling or wall. He was also chosen often as a choice to produce home lighting with a wider and more direct distribution of light. This type of surface light is very easy to install without requiring special power.

Pendant Lights

Furthermore, presenting a simple home lighting can use this type of pendant lamp. This lamp is installed by hanging on the ceiling of the house. It is suitable for use as an element of modern minimalist style residential decoration. Sometimes, it is also used as general lighting placed in the kitchen, dining room or on a table.

Track lighting

Types of track lights are divided into two parts, namely, the head or lamp fittings, and the track or track as electrical installation. Placement of the head can be installed flexibly following the track. Light distribution from the track lighting design will highlight an element specifically. So, it’s no wonder this type of lamp is commonly used in retail stores and museums. However, many residents do not like the appearance of the type of track lighting that has a very prominent form.