5 Kinds of Modification of Natural Stone Ceramics in Interior Design

Stoneware Tiles or ceramics with a look like the natural stone has become one of the gems in modern interior design today. Why? Because the effect of natural stone can always give a sophisticated and elegant appearance. Natural stone ceramics were chosen because of their appearance which is very similar to the original but has a more affordable price without requiring special or difficult treatment compared to the original natural stone.

Let’s just check the natural stone Ceramic Tiles models that can enrich your material library!

  1. Natural Stone Ceramics with Bright Limestone Motifs

The bright color of Limestone is one of the colors of natural stone ceramics that are widely used in modern designs because of its timeless appearance. To create a bright atmosphere with a rustic, modern and natural style like this, limestone natural stone ceramic models are suitable in combination with other materials such as polished concrete on walls or exposed white bricks and are equipped with some wooden furniture as accents so that the room does not look pale and keep warm.

  • Dark and Firm Stone Veins in Slate Natural Stone Ceramics

In contrast to limestone, the slate stone is a type of stone with coarser veins and darker colors. Ceramic natural stone motif slate stone is very appropriate to use as a decorative element for the floor or wall. Decorative elements of natural stone ceramics that have a slightly three-dimensional effect can accentuate the color and texture of the stone itself. Creating a harmonious and comfortable space when you are resting.

  • Elegant Industrial Style

Natural stone ceramics also have a variety of models with unique textures and color effects. These heterogeneous natural stone ceramics will create an authentic impression that suits you who like contemporary style trends. When combined with other materials with unfinished effects such as brick walls or metal materials, it can make the overall design display a mature industrial style. This reddish-gray color makes the room more artistic. Natural stone ceramics suitable for public interior spaces such as boutique or cafe.

  • Natural Stone Ceramics for Walls and Floors

There are some people who think that ceramic walls and floors must be different types and models so that the design of the room is not monotonous or boring. In practice, this statement is not entirely true because it does not apply to all types of designs and materials. Natural stone ceramics are one of the right types of ceramics to be used as a wall covering and floor material if the color selection is right and the furniture combination is also suitable. Pale and neutral colors such as gray and white which have texture and tendons are one of them. You can play on the size of this natural stone ceramic slab and the composition of its installation can be distinguished between walls, floors, and also stairs. For example the composition of a square on the floor and the composition of the brick structure on the wall.

  • Finishing Furniture with Natural Stone Ceramics

Aside from being a material covering the parts of the main room such as floors and walls, natural stone ceramics turned out to also be used for finishing built-in furniture! Cabinet doors and drawers that are functional, as well as storage, also add aesthetic value to your room. Like for example your workspace or office. Natural stone ceramic with a large slab can adjust to the size of the front of your drawer or cabinet door for later it is cut as needed. Do not forget to choose natural stone ceramics that are not too thick so it is not heavy, also choose a drawer fitting iron that is strong enough.