4 Creative Ways To Include Natural Stone in Your Landscape

Maintaining an attractive landscape can take a lot of work. Using natural stone is an effective way to achieve long-term results without compromising appearance. Here are four creative ways to incorporate natural stone into your landscape. 

1. To Create Retaining Walls

Retaining alls are an especially great way to incorporate stone in a sloped yard. They add texture, color, and durability, all while creating usable, terraced areas in your landscape. Have a flat piece of property? No worries, stonework Memphis TN can also be used to add walls even when there are no hills. You can fill them in as raised gardens, or use them to separate distinct areas in the yard. 

2. As a Garden Focal Point

One or two large stones can make a real statement piece when placed properly in your garden area.  Alternatively, consider placing a matching set at the end of your driveway to make the entrance really stand out. Adding a carefully placed spotlight or two allows visitors to continue to appreciate your focal point after the sun goes down. When selecting the right stone for your garden, be sure to look for one that complements its surroundings. 

3. Around Water Features

Stonework is a great addition to the soothing, natural sounds of water features. Whether you have a pond, birdbath, fountain or natural pool, stones can really make them stand out. Smaller water features can even become DIY projects if you are handy and willing to put in some hard work. 

4. As a Mulch Replacement

Mulch helps the soil retain water and protects roots from extreme temperatures. Beyond function, however, it is also an attractive addition to many garden beds. Unfortunately, many mulch materials need to be replenished annually. Using stone chips is one way to avoid that hassle without losing the benefits of natural mulch.

Whether you use it as a focal point, to replace mulch or to build retaining walls, stone is an attractive and durable material for landscape design.