3 Tips for Remodeling Your Kitchen

If you think your kitchen is getting a bit stale, you might consider upgrading it. This can be stressful in nature, but it can also be exciting if you plan carefully. Re-doing this room has plenty of advantages such as increasing the value of your house. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you decide to take the plunge.

1. Consider the Aesthetics

There is no point in dedicating a lot of money and time if you aren’t going to create something beautiful. Pick a theme and match it with appropriate colors. For example, purchasing a set of stainless steel appliances is very popular. When you are considering the surface areas, you can opt for marble or quality granite Pittsburgh to make the countertops really stand out. Offer plenty of lighting so that you don’t have to cook in the dark. Windows are your friend.

2. Keep the Family in Mind

People will be weaving in and out of the kitchen for years to come. That is why it is important to implement a design that allows foot traffic to flow seamlessly. Build wide aisles to allow for maneuvering around safely while you are carrying dangerous items such as hot plates or knives. Make sure that there will be plenty of space for you to open the dishwasher, oven and refrigerator doors. Think about the height and size of the island so that your children will be able to reach it when you want them to help out.

3. Analyze Your Storage

If you don’t have a pantry, this may be the perfect time to add one. Families love having extra space to store their food as their kids grow. Open shelving may look great, but it isn’t necessarily practical. Buy cupboards and cabinets that are deep enough to be useful. How about your trash? There should be a dedicated spot, whether it goes underneath the sink or in a closet.

If you stay within budget, a polished makeover can make all the difference. You will have something great to show your family and friends the next time you have a dinner party.