March 23, 2021

Roof Safety Basics

Roofer projects are one of the most dangerous home improvement projects you can undertake. Although a DIY project like repairing cracked flashing, or even replacing a missing roof shingle might seem easy, it can be very difficult to get on top of a roof. It is important to be aware of all safety hazards before you climb onto the roof. These are the essential facts you need to know before you start a roof repair.

Organize Your Work Area

Before you climb up onto a roof, make sure the area around the ladder and surrounding it is clear of pets and children. You should choose the best conditions, and do not climb on a roof that is wet or slippery.
Extreme temperatures can cause damage to your roof or prevent them from sealing properly. A soft-soled shoe can provide excellent traction when you’re up on the roof.


Place any …