10 Advantages of slate roofs Make Your Home Safe

All buildings in the world must have a roof to protect the people inside from the sun and rain. There are various types of roofing materials that are often used in various parts of the world such as asbestos, zinc, and tile. For the tile itself, there are in the form of clay tile, ceramic tile, metal tile, and concrete tile. If you have trouble installing tile and need the services of a roofing expert, Southern Cross Roofing solution, Southern Cross Roofing can help you install various types of tile according to your wishes, Southern Cross Roofing is the Biggest slate roofing Sydney service. what are you waiting for, visit Southern Cross Roofing immediately at https://www.sydney-roof-repairs.com.au for more information.

When viewed, the most commonly used tiles in homes in Indonesia are clay tiles that are brown or reddish-brown. While concrete tile is more often used for European-style houses, especially Germany since time immemorial.

Slate roof, or better known as concrete tiles are made using a mixture of cement and sand which are then combined with colored pigments. The mixture is then processed in high-pressure extrusion and heated to produce high-quality concrete roof tiles. Previously, the concrete tile was rarely found. However, along with technological advances, now the process of producing concrete roof tiles has become easier and cheaper so that people are increasingly in demand.

The concrete tile itself is divided into two types. There are a wave concrete tile and flat concrete tile. Both types of tiles have the same power cover, which is 11 tiles per square meter.

For those of you who are still hesitant to use concrete roof tiles as roof coverings, there is an explanation of the advantages of the following tile!

1. Concrete tile has a strong durability

Compared to other roofing tiles, this concrete tile has the highest durability. This tile has a high level of efficiency in the environment. This material can withstand heavy loads and won’t crack easily. If it changes in temperature and is exposed to fire, this material can still survive. The age of its use is very long, which can reach 20 years.

2. Concrete tile resistant to biological attack

Concrete tile has properties that are resistant to biological attacks such as noise pollution and air temperature. The ability of acoustic and thermal insulation is very well recognized based on a study. Thus, residents of houses that use concrete tile will be free from noise and air temperature that is too hot or cold. The atmosphere inside the house becomes more comfortable. This tile is suitable for homeowners who are on the edge of the highway.

3. Concrete tile has a variety of shapes

Concrete tile has a variety of shapes, namely corrugated and flat. Thanks to these varied shapes, you can adjust the use of tile to the style of the house. To accentuate the impression of a more modern and elegant, use flat concrete tile. Conversely, to accentuate the natural but strong impression, use corrugated concrete roof tiles.

4. Concrete roof tiles are also available in various colors

Limited tile color will make it difficult for homeowners to adapt it to various kinds of home facades. Minimalist home facades, for example, are loved by people. Fortunately, this concrete tile is available in various color choices such as black, dark gray, brown, blue, or green. You can adjust it to the concept or color of the facade of the house. The facade of the house is pale yellow, it looks like it will match the brown or green concrete tile.

5. Concrete tile is not easy to change its shape

Clay tile must pass through combustion in its production process so that its shape will sometimes change and not resemble each other. While concrete tile does not go through the combustion process so that its shape will not change and precision with other concrete tiles. Without any change in shape during the production process, concrete tile will be easier to install. Charging grout will be even tighter and the risk of leakage will be reduced.

6. Concrete tile can reflect heat

When compared with clay tile which can absorb heat, concrete tile can reflect heat. The result? The temperature of the room under the roof will feel cooler in the afternoon or the dry season.

7. Concrete tile can accept repainting

The durability of concrete tile can indeed reach the age of 20 years. But before the age of 20 years, the surface of the tile will experience a color fading. If so, then the exterior appearance of the house becomes dull. But do not worry because this concrete tile can be repainted so that the color looks like new again. If there are small cracks, you can also fix them with special coatings so they don’t get worse.

8. The price of concrete tile is cheaper than ceramic tile

When compared to concrete tile, ceramic tile has good quality too. For example, colors that are durable and do not require special care. You could say the quality varies thin with the quality of the concrete tile. What distinguishes these two tiles is the price. With cheaper concrete tile prices, you can still get the best tile quality.

9. There are a lot of concrete roof tiles, the price is all the same

Types of building materials have various color choices and types usually have different prices too. For example, a white sandstone will be more expensive than a creamy sandstone. As for the concrete tile, all colors will be charged at the same price. What distinguishes the price of concrete tile with one another is the quality of production.

10. Rustproof concrete tile

Iron-based materials will easily experience rust if exposed to sunlight and rain continuously. Anti-rust treatment obviously must be done by homeowners with metal roof tiles. Concrete roof tiles tend to be free of rust. Homeowners do not have to bother with routine maintenance.

However, concrete tiles also save some disadvantages. Some of them are heavy enough around 60 kg per square meter, while other tiles weigh only 45 kg per square meter.

With this weight, the structure of the house must be made very strong so that the roof does not easily collapse and injure the occupants. The installation of concrete tile must be done with care and detail so that it requires more workers.

Also, some concrete tile manufacturers only use oil paint for the coloring process so that the color brightness quality is less pronounced. The solution, you can look for tiles from manufacturers that have high quality.

Those are 10 advantages of concrete tile that will make your house safe and free from thieves because it is difficult to break into.